Anker Cable Management Box: Review And Installation Guide

Are you tired of seeing a jumbled mess of cables and cords on your desk or entertainment center? The Anker Cable Management Box may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This compact box is designed to neatly conceal and organize your cables, providing a clean and clutter-free look to your space.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review and installation guide for the Anker Cable Management Box. You’ll learn about the benefits of cable management, how to prepare for installation, and a step-by-step guide to setting up the box.

Plus, we’ll share some tips for maintaining cable organization and highlight customer reviews and feedback.

Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to a tidy and organized space with the Anker Cable Management Box.

Overview of the Anker Cable Management Box

You’re probably wondering what the Anker Cable Management Box is all about, right? Well, it’s a simple yet effective solution to an age-old problem of tangled wires and cables. This small box is designed to neatly organize and hide all of your cables, power strips, and adapters in one place.

The Anker Cable Management Box is made of durable ABS plastic and measures 12.8 x 5.3 x 5.1 inches, making it compact enough to fit under your desk or on a shelf. The box features three cable cutouts on the lid to allow cords to pass through while keeping them hidden from view.

The installation of this cable management box is a breeze. Simply place your power strip inside the box, run the cords through the cutouts, and close the lid. You can also use the included adhesive pads to secure the box to your desk or the wall.

With the Anker Cable Management Box, you can finally say goodbye to unsightly and messy cables cluttering up your workspace.

Benefits of Cable Management

You may be wondering why cable management is important. Well, let us tell you!

Firstly, it can greatly improve the aesthetics of your workspace or living area by reducing clutter and creating a clean, organized look.

Secondly, it can increase safety by preventing tripping hazards and reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Lastly, cable management can enhance productivity by making it easier to locate and access the cables you need, saving you time and frustration.

Improved Aesthetics

With the Anker cable management box, you can easily keep your cables organized and improve the aesthetics of your workspace. No more tangled cords or messy desk space.

The Anker cable management box is designed to neatly store and conceal all your cables, power strips, and chargers. It comes with a detachable lid that can be easily removed to access your cables whenever you need them.

Not only does the Anker cable management box provide a practical solution to cable clutter, but it also enhances the overall look of your workspace. Its sleek and modern design blends in seamlessly with any decor, giving your desk a tidy and professional appearance.

Plus, it frees up valuable desk space, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions. With the Anker cable management box, you can finally say goodbye to the unsightly mess of cables and hello to a more organized and visually appealing workspace.

Increased Safety

Now that all your cables are neatly organized and concealed, you can rest assured that your workspace is safer without the risk of tripping over tangled cords. The Anker cable management box provides a secure and contained space for your cables, protecting them from damage and reducing the potential for electrical hazards. You no longer have to worry about exposing your cables to dust, moisture, or accidental spills, as the box is designed to keep them clean and dry.

To further enhance the safety of your workspace, consider incorporating a few cable ties or clips to keep your cables firmly in place. This will prevent them from accidentally getting pulled out of their sockets or becoming entangled with other cords. By taking these simple steps, you can create a safer and more efficient workspace that will help you stay focused and productive.

Pros Cons
Neat and organized workspace May not fit larger power strips
Conceals cables for aesthetic appeal May require additional cable ties or clips
Protects cables from damage Box may take up additional space
Reduces potential for electrical hazards
Keeps cables clean and dry

This table can help you understand the benefits and limitations of the Anker cable management box, and make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for your workspace. Overall, the increased safety that comes with organized cables and a contained workspace is a valuable investment in your productivity and peace of mind.

Enhanced Productivity

When you have a clutter-free workspace, it’s easier to focus on your tasks and be more productive. The Anker Cable Management Box can help you achieve this by keeping your cables and wires organized and out of sight.

With this box, you’ll be able to keep your desk tidy and free from distractions caused by tangled cords. Furthermore, the Anker Cable Management Box can enhance your productivity by saving you time. You won’t have to waste time untangling cords or searching for the right cable because everything will be neatly stored in one place.

This means you can spend more time working on your projects or completing tasks, which can lead to increased efficiency and better results. Overall, the Anker Cable Management Box is a great investment for anyone who wants to improve their workspace and boost their productivity.

Preparation for Installation

Before you jump into installing the Anker cable management box, take a few minutes to prepare the area where you plan to set it up. This involves clearing out any clutter or debris that may be in the way. It’s important to have a clean and organized workspace in order to ensure a successful installation.

Next, assess the area and determine the best location for the cable management box. You want to choose a spot that is easily accessible and out of the way. Make sure that there’s enough space for the box and that it won’t interfere with any other equipment or furniture in the area.

Gather all of the necessary tools and equipment for the installation. This may include a power drill, screws, and a screwdriver. Make sure that you’ve got everything you need before you begin the installation process.

Taking the time to properly prepare for the installation will help ensure that it goes smoothly and that you’re able to fully enjoy the benefits of the Anker cable management box.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Now that you’ve got your Anker cable management box ready, it’s time to install it. The installation process is easy and straightforward, and involves three simple steps:

  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Insert cables.
  3. Reattach the lid.

By following these steps, you can have a tidy and organized workspace in no time.

Removing the Lid

To remove the lid, simply grab the tab and pull up. The tab is located on the front of the box and is easy to find. Once you have a hold of the tab, give it a gentle tug and the lid will come off easily.

To make things even easier, we’ve created a table to show you exactly where the tab is located on the box. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look and won’t have to waste time searching for it. Check out the table below for a visual guide:

Location Tab
Front X

With this table, you’ll be able to remove the lid in no time and get started on organizing your cables.

Inserting Cables

Inserting cables is a breeze with the clear and organized compartments inside the box. You can easily fit multiple cables of different sizes and shapes in the compartment without any hassle. The box’s size is ideal for all types of cables, including thick power cords or thin charging cables.

To insert cables, simply place them in the compartments and close the lid. The lid fits snugly, so you don’t have to worry about cables falling out or getting tangled. The box’s design allows you to keep your cables organized and hidden from sight, making your workspace look more organized and professional.

With the Anker cable management box, you can bid farewell to messy cables and say hello to a clean and organized workspace.

Reattaching the Lid

You’re almost done! Just snap the lid back on and feel the satisfaction of having a clutter-free workspace.

Make sure that the lid is aligned properly with the base of the Anker cable management box before pressing it firmly into place. Once it’s securely attached, you can move on to enjoying your neatly organized cables.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when reattaching the lid of your Anker cable management box:

  • Take your time to ensure that the lid is aligned properly with the base.
  • Press firmly on the lid to make sure that it’s securely attached.
  • If you’re having trouble getting the lid to snap into place, try adjusting the cables inside the box to make sure that they aren’t getting in the way.

Tips for Maintaining Cable Organization

Keeping cables organized is key to preventing clutter and chaos in your workspace, so it’s important to regularly check and adjust your cable management system.

One tip for maintaining cable organization is to label your cables. This will help you identify which cable belongs to which device, making it easier to unplug and replug devices when needed. You can use small cable tags or even colored tape to label your cables.

Another tip is to use cable ties or Velcro straps to keep your cables neat and tidy. This will prevent them from tangling or getting in the way of other devices. You can also use cable clips to attach cables to the underside of your desk or to the back of your monitor. This will keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Lastly, it’s important to regularly dust and clean your cable management system. This will prevent dust and debris from accumulating and potentially causing damage to your devices. You can use a soft cloth or a can of compressed air to clean your cables and cable box.

By following these simple tips, you can maintain a clean and organized workspace that’ll help you stay productive and focused.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

If you’re looking for honest opinions on the Anker cable management box, take a moment to read through the customer reviews and feedback on our website. We’re proud to say that our customers have overwhelmingly positive things to say about this product. Many reviewers note how easy the box is to install, and how much it helps to keep their cables organized and out of sight.

One common theme in the reviews is how much the Anker cable management box has helped to declutter and simplify the space around people’s desks and entertainment centers. Customers also appreciate the sleek design of the box, which blends in seamlessly with most decor. Some customers have even purchased multiple boxes for different parts of their home or office.

Overall, the Anker cable management box has received high marks from our customers. If you’re looking for a simple, effective way to keep your cables organized, this product is definitely worth considering. Check out the table below for a quick summary of the most common pros and cons mentioned in customer reviews.


Pros Cons Neutral
Easy to install Limited space for larger cables No locking mechanism
Sleek design Some customers found it overpriced Some customers experienced minor issues with the lid
Helps declutter space Not suitable for outdoor use
Fits well with most decor
Durable construction


Great job! You’ve learned all about the Anker Cable Management Box, its benefits, and how to install it.

With this cable management system, you can say goodbye to tangled cords and cluttered spaces. Remember to prepare your workspace and follow the step-by-step installation guide for best results.

Keep in mind the tips for maintaining cable organization to ensure your space stays clean and organized. With positive customer reviews and feedback, the Anker Cable Management Box is a reliable and effective solution for cable management needs.

Get organized today!