Wrist Rest: Common Questions Answered!

wrist rests common questions

For many people, wrist rests are an important piece of computer hardware that can offer relief for wrist pain. If you’re just beginning to explore the idea of using a rest, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or confused by all the choices that are available. Here are some answers to common questions about what … Read more

Do Pro Gamers Use Wrist Rests? The Definitive Answer

do gamers use wrist rest

The natural question which arises when it comes to pro gamers and wrist rests is whether they actually need the wrist rest. While some people argue that pro gamers need wrist rests for their hands to be comfortable, others argue that pro gamers typically do not use wrist rests because the gamer is too busy … Read more

Are Wrist Rests Ergonomic?

are wrist rest ergonomic

If you’re a gamer, computer user, or someone who spends hours working at their desk every day, then chances are you’ve been using a wrist rest to help reduce the stress on your wrists. Nowadays, ergonomic design has become one of the most important considerations for office furniture and equipment. But what if it’s not … Read more

Mouse Pad And Your Wrist

mouse pad wrist

Is your wrist rubbing against your mouse pad and you find it annoying, or even painful?  In this blog post, we are going to talk about is it okay for your wrist to rub on your mouse pad? And if they do, what are the risk and what can you do. Should your wrist touch … Read more

Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (Good or Bad?)

mouse pad wrist rest

Do you have issues with your wrist while gaming or working on the computer? If so, then this blog post will be helpful in understanding what a mouse pad wrist rest is and how it can help. The average person spends 8 hours per day using their hands to work at a computer, which leads … Read more