Are LED Desk Lamps Any Good?

Are you looking for a new desk lamp to replace your old clunky, heavy fluorescent one? If so, then you’re in luck! LED lights are the latest trend in office lighting. They use far less energy than traditional bulbs and provide more natural light.

But before you make your purchase, take some time to read this blog post about how well they work (or don’t) with different types of desks. We hope it helps!

What is an LED Desk Lamp?

LED desk lamps are the perfect choice for task lighting. LEDs are the light sources which scatter and focus the light in a particular direction. These are unlike other desk lamps, which project their light in all directions. They find the best uses when you wish to catch up and focus on your work.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is leading the lighting industry and technology today. Well, there are various types of LED Desk Lamps available in the market. They vary depending on some properties and features, which decide whether they are helpful day or night.

For reading and work experience, these lamps should be your ultimate choice because they not only help you focus but also are beneficial for your eyes. So, now let’s discuss how it differs from a table lamp.

How Is It Different From A Table Lamp?

The primary difference between an LED Desk Lamp and a Table Lamp is based on their use which ultimately decides their features. While an LED Desk Lamp is used for providing light during task hours, a table lamp is used for ensuring ambient lighting on a large area.

Table lamps are decorative pieces with fewer features. On the other hand, LED Desk Lamps are most functional in improving attention to work and productivity. Moreover, they have additional features such as USB ports, built-in stands, and others.

Advantages of a LED Desk Lamp

A LED Desk Lamp works with consuming minimum energy and yet doesn’t affect the performance and lighting. Unlike a traditional desk lamp, it produces whitish light, which isn’t stressful for the eyes.

The advantages are discussed below.

Energy Efficient

The power wastage in almost 90% of incandescent lights and bulbs is due to their functioning process. Most of the energy consumed is wasted as heat.

While conventional lamps lose heat and light by distributing light equally in all directions, LED Desk Lamps have a unique directional capability of providing heat and light in a specific order.

The productivity of an incandescent bulb is 10-20 lumens per watt. The productivity of a fluorescent bulb is 80 lumens per watt. However, the productivity of a LED Desk Lamp is about ten times that of an incandescent bulb, i.e., 100 lumens per watt.

The US Department of Energy says that LEDs at household lighting can save about 70% of bills annually. That’s why they should be your first choice if you want to save energy and money.

Better Life

Are you in search of low budget and low maintenance lighting? An LED Desk Lamp is your first choice. With zero problems in filament, demand for any changes, or wear and tear, it’s the only assistant you need to boost your productivity.

On average, the life of a standard LED Desk Lamp is about 50,000 hours which is equal to the life of 40 incandescent bulbs and four halide lights.

There is no effect on its efficiency due to frequent switching on and off. It functions with about 70% brightness even at the end of its fully extended life.


With incredible strength and durability, a LED Desk Lamp can survive harsh and rough conditions without harming the environment.

If you are worried about dropping it down by mistake, then yes, it won’t break! That’s because it has vibration and shock-resistant properties.

As it doesn’t contain glass elements, wire, or steel, a LED Desk Lamp is even compatible in areas closer to high traffic zones and construction zones.

Another fantastic fact about it is that its functionality is not affected by temperature. You can recklessly store them in cold regions like refrigerators. Yet, you won’t detect any change in its performance.

Thus, a LED Desk Lamp is your first preference for a whole, rough, formidable desk lamp that can even survive bumps with zero damage.


LED Desk Lamps are available in various ranges of shapes, sizes, colors, and brightness levels. At affordable prices, it is more favorable to all environments with minimum heat emissions.

Nowadays, it also comes along with other features such as USB ports, built-in stands, which make charging and other tasks more manageable.

With a flexible base that is also multi-directional, it doesn’t lag in coping up with the latest designs. Thus, it’s a budget-friendly choice with multiple benefits.

How To Choose The Perfect LED Desk Lamp?

A LED Desk Lamp comes to your rescue while you are tensed and frustrated with poor lighting in your work environment. However, choosing the best one for yourself might be difficult.

So, we are here to help you out. The perfect one must have the following characteristics:

  • Illuminance: The illuminance of a lamp is the measure of total luminous flux distributed in a given surface. The unit of measurement of illuminance is Lux (Lx).

Hence, the perfect lamp should have more than 250 Lx. Also, your lamp should be broad, without any glare, blue light, and flicker.

  • Adjustability: The perfect lamp should have a flexible design and be adaptable to all temperatures.

Nowadays, lamps also come with another feature known as auto-dimming. With this feature, a lamp can identify the ambient light of the surroundings and adjust its brightness accordingly.

  • Desk Size: Your desk size determines the size of your LED Desk Lamp. PCs and large workspaces require large lamps and vice versa.

Thus, choose your lamp wisely after analyzing and considering all its properties well.