Do Desk Lamps Get Hot?

do desk lamps get hot

This is a good question as I know so many people who have complained about their lights getting too hot to touch. Generally speaking, desk lamps are not meant to produce heat and may only get warm during regular use.  This will depend on the bulb type, its wattage and how long it’s used for … Read more

Do Desk Lamps Help Plants GROW?

do desk lamps help plants

When you think of desk lamps, what comes to mind? A bright light that helps you see your work at night? What about a lamp for reading books in bed before falling asleep? While these are both valid uses for desk lamps, did you know they can also be used as natural light sources for … Read more

Do Desk Lamps Carry Energy?

do desk lamps carry energy

For the past several months, I’ve worked on my new desk lamp, which I’ll be using at my new desk at the new office. I’ll be starting in a couple of months. I’ve been intending to actually start working at home full-time, but I’m realizing that will require new equipment. I am considering buying a … Read more

Desk Lamp vs Table Lamp For Your Work Desk?

desk lamp vs table lamp

If you have a desk at home, chances are that you’re using a lamp to light your space. You might be wondering which type of lighting is best for your needs: desk lamps or table lamps? This blog post will help answer these questions and more!  For those who work from home, it may seem … Read more