The Ikea University Starter Kit: Essential Items For College Students

Are you heading off to college soon and feeling overwhelmed by the thought of everything you need to bring with you? Don’t worry, IKEA has got you covered with their University Starter Kit.

This kit includes all the essential items you’ll need to make your dorm room feel like home and help you succeed in your studies. From bedding to storage solutions, lighting to kitchen supplies, decor to tech and entertainment, this kit has everything you need to get started on the right foot.

Whether you’re a freshman or a seasoned college student, the IKEA University Starter Kit has something for everyone. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s included and how these items can make your college experience more comfortable and productive.

Bedding Essentials

You’ll need to grab some cozy sheets and a comfy comforter to make your dorm room feel like home. The IKEA University Starter Kit has everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Start with a set of soft cotton sheets and a warm comforter to keep you cozy all night long. Make sure to also grab a couple of extra pillowcases to switch out when you need to do laundry.

In addition to the basics, consider investing in a mattress pad for added comfort. Many dorm room mattresses are thin and uncomfortable, but a good mattress pad can make all the difference. Look for one with a soft, plush top layer and a waterproof backing to protect against spills and accidents.

Don’t forget about pillows! IKEA offers a variety of different pillow options, so you can choose the one that’s best for your sleeping style. Whether you prefer a firm pillow for support or a soft, fluffy one for snuggling, there’s a pillow out there for you. Just be sure to grab a couple of pillowcases to keep them clean and fresh.

With these bedding essentials, you’ll be able to create a cozy and comfortable space to rest and recharge in between classes.

Storage Solutions

Maximize your living space with clever storage solutions that are both functional and stylish. As a college student, you’ll likely have limited space in your dorm room or apartment. But don’t fret, there are plenty of storage options that can help keep your space organized and clutter-free.

Here are two nested bullet point lists with storage solutions:

  • Vertical storage:

  • Bookshelves: not only great for storing textbooks, but also for displaying decorative items.

  • Over-the-door organizers: perfect for storing shoes, toiletries, and small items.

  • Under-bed storage:

  • Rolling storage containers: easy to slide in and out from under your bed.

  • Bed risers with built-in storage: not only elevate your bed, but also provide additional storage space for clothes and shoes.

Having a designated place for everything can help you stay organized and save time when searching for items. Plus, by choosing functional storage solutions that also look great, you can add some personality to your living space.

Lighting for Studying and Relaxing

Make sure your studying and relaxation areas are well-lit with stylish and functional options to enhance your mood and productivity.

For studying, you’ll want a bright task light that won’t strain your eyes or cause shadows on your work surface. IKEA’s Riggad LED work lamp is a great option with adjustable brightness levels and a USB port for charging your phone or tablet. If you prefer a more traditional desk lamp, the Ranarp model has a classic design and adjustable arm for directing light where you need it.

When it’s time to wind down and relax, you’ll want a softer, more ambient light. One option is IKEA’s Fado table lamp, which emits a warm glow and has a simple, modern design. For a more unique and whimsical touch, the Solleftea pendant lamp has an intricate woven pattern and provides a cozy, diffused light. You can also add some fun and color to your space with the Sjuttiofem lamp, which comes in a variety of vibrant shades and has a playful, retro design.

Overall, choosing the right lighting for your college dorm or apartment can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. With IKEA’s range of affordable and stylish options, you can create a space that works for both studying and relaxing. So, take some time to explore the different lighting options and find the ones that best fit your style and needs.

Kitchen Supplies

Don’t forget to stock up on basic kitchen supplies like utensils and cookware to ensure you can prepare meals and snacks easily. Without these essential items, cooking can be a hassle and sometimes impossible.

Here are three must-have kitchen supplies for college students:

  1. A set of utensils: Invest in a set of forks, spoons, and knives to make eating and cooking a breeze. Make sure to get durable utensils that can withstand daily use and washing. Don’t forget to also have a few serving utensils for when you have friends over.

  2. Cookware: A frying pan and a medium-sized pot are essential for cooking basic meals like pasta, eggs, and stir-fries. Look for non-stick options to make cleaning up easier. If you like to bake, consider getting a baking sheet and a muffin tin.

  3. Food storage containers: Leftovers are a college student’s best friend. Make sure to have a few food storage containers in different sizes to store your meals and snacks. Glass containers are a great option as they are durable and eco-friendly. Plus, they can double as microwave-safe containers for reheating your food.

By having these three basic kitchen supplies, you’ll be able to cook a variety of meals and snacks in your dorm room or apartment. Plus, you’ll save money by not relying on takeout and eating out all the time.

Don’t forget to also stock up on basic pantry staples like rice, pasta, and canned goods to make meal prep even easier.

Happy cooking!

Decor and Personalization

When it comes to decorating your dorm room or apartment, you’ll want to add personal touches that reflect your unique style and personality. After all, this space will be your home away from home for the next few years.

To get started, consider investing in some wall art or posters that speak to your interests. Whether you’re a music lover, a fan of abstract art, or obsessed with the latest superhero movie, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

Another way to personalize your living space is by adding a cozy rug or throw blanket. Not only will this make your room feel more comfortable and homey, but it can also serve as a stylish accent piece. You might also want to invest in some fun throw pillows that match your bedding or add a pop of color to your space.

And don’t forget about lighting! String lights or a cute desk lamp can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Consider incorporating some small plants or succulents into your decor. Not only will they add a touch of greenery to your space, but they can also help improve air quality and boost your mood. If you’re not exactly known for your green thumb, don’t worry – there are plenty of low-maintenance options out there that are perfect for busy college students.

With a little bit of creativity and some essential decor items, you can transform your dorm room or apartment into a space that truly feels like home.

Laundry and Cleaning Essentials

Now that you’ve got your dorm room looking just how you want it, it’s time to focus on keeping it clean and fresh. As a college student, you’ll be doing a lot of laundry and cleaning, so it’s important to have the right tools and supplies. Luckily, IKEA has everything you need to keep your space tidy and organized.

First up, let’s talk about laundry essentials. You’ll need a hamper for dirty clothes, a laundry bag for carrying your clothes to the washing machine, and some detergent and fabric softener. IKEA offers a variety of laundry hampers, from simple mesh bags to stylish woven baskets. They also have laundry bags in different sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for you. And of course, they have plenty of detergent and fabric softener options to choose from.

Once your laundry is done, it’s time to tackle the cleaning. You’ll need a few basic cleaning supplies, such as a dustpan and broom, a mop, and some all-purpose cleaner. IKEA has a great selection of cleaning tools and supplies that are both affordable and effective. They even have a special line of eco-friendly cleaning products for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

To help you get organized, here’s a handy table with some laundry and cleaning essentials from IKEA:

Item Description Price
BAGGMUCK Laundry bag Made from durable polyester, with a drawstring closure and handle for easy carrying. $4.99
KNALLA Shopping bag with wheels A versatile bag that can be used for laundry, shopping, or carrying books. With wheels, it’s easy to transport heavy loads. $14.99
RENLIG Front-load washing machine A compact washer that’s perfect for small spaces. It has multiple wash programs and a delay start option. $549
ROLIG Dish brush Made from bamboo and recycled plastic, this dish brush is eco-friendly and effective. $1.49

With these essentials from IKEA, you’ll be well-equipped to handle all your laundry and cleaning needs. Happy cleaning!

Tech and Entertainment

Now that you’ve got your laundry and cleaning essentials sorted, it’s time to focus on tech and entertainment.

You’ll want to make sure you have a good desk fan to keep you cool while studying, and some speakers to enhance your music-listening experience.

Consider investing in a TV stand or mount for movie nights, and don’t forget to have plenty of charging stations and cords on hand to keep all your devices powered up.

Desk Fans and Speakers

Don’t forget to grab a desk fan and speakers for your dorm room. They’re essential for creating a comfortable and immersive study environment.

A desk fan will keep you cool during those hot and stuffy nights when your dorm room feels like a sauna. Plus, it helps to circulate the air and prevent any stale odors from lingering around your space.

As for speakers, they’re necessary for listening to music or watching movies without having to wear headphones all the time. You can also use them for video calls with friends and family. Just make sure to check with your roommate about the volume level to avoid any conflicts.

With a desk fan and speakers, you’ll have a well-rounded setup that allows you to study, relax, and stay connected while in college.

TV Stands and Mounts

Looking for a way to elevate your dorm room’s entertainment setup? Consider investing in a TV stand or mount to maximize your viewing experience.

Not only will it free up valuable desk space, but it will also ensure that your TV is at the perfect height for optimal viewing.

When choosing a TV stand or mount, consider the size and weight of your TV, as well as the layout of your room.

A stand with shelves can provide storage space for gaming consoles or streaming devices, while a mount can be adjusted to achieve the best viewing angle.

Plus, with IKEA’s affordable prices and easy assembly, you can upgrade your dorm room’s entertainment setup without breaking the bank.

Charging Stations and Cords

To make your dorm room experience more convenient, you’ll want to consider investing in a charging station and various cords for all your electronic devices. With so many devices to charge, it can be difficult to keep them all organized and fully charged. A charging station provides a central location for all your devices to charge, and can save you time and frustration.

In addition to a charging station, it’s important to have a variety of cords to ensure that all your devices can be charged. Different devices may require different types of cords, and having a variety on hand can prevent the inconvenience of being unable to charge a device due to a missing or incompatible cord. Check out the table below for some essential cords to consider adding to your college packing list.

Cord Type Devices it can charge
Lightning iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Micro USB Android phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers
USB-C Newer Android phones, tablets, laptops
HDMI Connects laptop or tablet to TV or monitor


So there you have it, your Ikea University Starter Kit. With these essential items, you’ll be well on your way to creating a comfortable and functional living space while you pursue your academic goals.

Remember to take advantage of Ikea’s affordable prices and stylish designs, and make the most of your limited dorm room or apartment space.

Don’t forget to also take care of your mental and emotional well-being during this exciting but potentially stressful time. Dedicate a corner of your room to relaxation and self-care, and make time for hobbies and social activities outside of your studies.

With a little bit of planning and the right essentials, you’ll be ready to tackle anything college throws your way.