Does A Surge Protector Work Without Ground?

does surge protector work without ground

Surge protectors are designed to help protect your valuable electronic equipment from damaging voltage and current spikes caused by things like lightning, faulty wiring, and malfunctions.   But, what if you plug in a surge protector, but it isn’t grounded?  Will it still work?  Let’s find out! A surge protector will work without a ground. However, … Read more

What Should You Not Plug Into A Surge Protector?

In this article, we are going to talk about what you should not plug into a surge protector. If you read the label on your surge protector, then you know that there are some specific items that they do not recommend plugging into them. But if you don’t read the label on your surge protector, … Read more

Do Surge Protectors Prevents Fire?

We all want to keep our home as safe as possible, and if you take a look at the most common causes for fires – you’ll find that malfunctioning electrical devices or bad wiring are among the top causes. Most electricians will firstly advise you to replace bad wiring in your home, but surge protectors … Read more

Can I Plug AVR To Surge Protector?

There are many kinds of surge protectors to choose from.  They differ in the level of protection they offer and in the number of appliances they can accommodate. You might have your computer and your printer plugged into surge protectors, for example.   But can you plug an AVR into a surge protector?   You can plug … Read more

All About Surge Protectors: 9 Facts You Need To Know

You have a lot of things to protect from power surges and spikes. Your home and family. Your electronics, devices, and appliances. From your TV to your dishwasher, and even your washer and dryer. Yet, as valuable as these things are, we’re still losing them to power surges and spikes. So, what do you need … Read more

Cheap Surge Protector vs Expensive? Which One To Choose

cheap surge protector vs expensive

You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to pay more for a surge protector than they have to. After all, surge protectors are not exactly the most glamorous of devices. Few people spend money on them as an indulgence and most people use the cheap surge protectors they find at the store. However, expensive surge … Read more