Is Daisy Chaining Surge Protectors Bad?

is daisy chain surge protector bad

The surge protector is the unsung hero of the modern plugged-in household. Without surge protectors, our electronics would be like sitting ducks in a lightning storm.  However, even though surge protectors protect our gadgets from electrical surges, some people have learned that you can overload a surge protector by connecting it to other surge protectors.   … Read more

Are Surge Protectors Waterproof?

Power surges are very common in the home. A surge protector will prevent your appliances from getting damaged by absorbing the extra power that comes through the power lines. The surge protector will absorb the extra power coming through the power lines and pass it to the wire you have connected and the wire will … Read more

Why Are Surge Protectors Banned On Cruise Ships?

why are surge protectors banned on cruise ships

One of the places on the planet where you wish you could feel protected from current-voltage surges or power spikes is on a cruise ship. However, as strange as it seems, the use of surge protectors on cruise ships is prohibited. What the heck is going on here? Why are Surge Protectors banned on cruise … Read more

Is Surge Protector Good For PC?

is surge protector good for pc

Surge protectors are commonly used to protect equipment from electrical power surges. Today, most people are well aware that electrical surges can happen in homes, even if they don’t have and don’t use electrical appliances. As computers become more widespread in households, I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to know if … Read more

Is Surge Protector Necessary For Laptops?

is surge protector necessary for laptops

Surge protectors are an important part of any home office setup. They protect supplies and computer equipment from power surges and spikes; if you have your own office, then you probably have a surge protector already installed, but what about your laptop? Should you use a surge protector on your laptop? Using surge protectors is … Read more