Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (Good or Bad?)

mouse pad wrist rest

Do you have issues with your wrist while gaming or working on the computer? If so, then this blog post will be helpful in understanding what a mouse pad wrist rest is and how it can help. The average person spends 8 hours per day using their hands to work at a computer, which leads … Read more

Gaming Mouse Pad (Hard vs Soft)

Have you ever played a game on the computer and felt like your mouse was sticking to the surface? Maybe it even slowed down your gameplay. Well, that’s not because of anything wrong with the mouse or desktop – it’s just because you don’t have a gaming pad! A lot of gamers swear by these … Read more

Extended Mouse Pad Vs Normal Sized Mouse Pads

A few days ago, at the time of this writing, I had this idea for a blog post about extended mouse pads and who needs them. It turns out that the answer is just about everyone!  That’s because we’re all using our mice in ways we never did before: scrolling through websites, playing games with … Read more

Mouse Pad Vs No Mouse Pad?

Do you have a mouse pad? Is it worth the purchase? If not, are you considering purchasing one? There are many benefits to using a mouse pad. They provide comfort and prevent unnecessary wear on your desk surface. This blog post will discuss the differences between using a mouse pad vs no mouse pad  Be … Read more