What Are Standing Desks Made Out Of?

Standing desks are great for people who spend long hours in front of a computer, but what they’ve been made out of has always left me asking.

There is so much to know about standing desks and their materials that it can be overwhelming. But I have done the research on every single material used to make standing desk frames including metal, plastic, glass and wood-based composite material slats which means you don’t have to worry about whether your new adjustable workstation will hold up or not!

In this article we’ll discuss the different materials that is used for standing desks and how can you make one at home.

Standing desk desks are made from small particles of wood, like sawdust and board chips, that are combined to form a plank. The planking is assembled into a sheet with resin and pressed together into a product.

Common Materials for Standing Desks

Standing desks have become a popular trend in the office world. They allow for people to be more productive and healthy, while also being environmentally conscious.

There are several common materials that can be used for making a standing desk.

Here is a list of common materials you can use for your Standing Desks.


Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is a popular desk material that is made of wood scraps that are glued together using chemicals and processed into high-quality material. It has both light weight and durability, but cheap alternatives may fall apart fairly quickly. Powder coating creates a durable paint layer on a surface using it as the base.


High-pressure layers are a cost-efficient way of creating a sturdy and durable surface. The surface of the material is first coated with plastic or rubber, then covered with pressure and heated ridges.


Desk stands are the most common material option. Those made of natural wood are considered to be best, but prices can vary. Other materials have their advantages and drawbacks. Your budget should ultimately help determine which material is best for your needs.


There is a trend of recycling all types of things and desks made from old timbers are one such item. These items, however, take more energy than they’re actually recreational value. While they aren’t very environmentally friendly, the only thing these desks provide that other desks don’t is aesthetics. The better option would be to buy something suited to your needs or just be without a desk entirely.

Can you build your own Standing Desk?

The answer to this question is yes. If you’re crafty, it’s even possible to build your standing desk out of old materials like pallets or scrap wood. You can also buy a standing desk kit on Amazon or IKEA.

Standing desks are an incredibly popular option for those who want to be more active and productive at work. These desk designs range from modifying a piece of furniture that already exists or building one from scratch, making them customizable in terms of size, material choice, and design features.

Why build your own Standing Desks?

The need for a standing desk is more important than ever. It’s been shown that sitting down all day long can have serious health effects, like back pain, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Caring for your health is an important step in living a long life.

Standing desks are a great way to combat the negative effects of sitting. It’s been shown that standing desks can reduce back pain, obesity and diabetes.

That’s why some people are starting to build their own standing desks.

There are a variety of reasons why people decide to build their own standing desk. Some reasons include:

  • You want your desk to be fully customized and unique, including the size, shape, color, and materials used in building it.
  • You have limited funds for purchase or you can’t afford a professionally built standing desk.
  • Your current work environment is not safe enough for someone to stand all day without falling over/getting injured.

Other benefits of making your own desk include the following:

  • You can choose to use your desk on a daily basis or you can take it with you when traveling.
  • You don’t have to worry about how many hours it will last for and worry more about what materials are used in building it.
  • If you build it incorrectly, there is no warranty to void.

How tall should Standing Desk be?

Standing desks are designed to be used as a desk. It is recommended that you set your standing desk at about elbow height and at adult height, which will ensure the most comfortable and ergonomic experience for your body.

The size of the desk should also be decided by personal preference, but it is recommended that you choose a desk height of 44 inches so that there isn’t an excessive strain on the neck and back.

Things you need to consider when choosing a Standing Desk

To learn more specifics about standing desks, consider the following factors when deciding whether to build your own:

Consider the costs

Bear in mind that stand-up lifts are being made cheaper and cheaper over time, with the cost of constructing them yourself costing less than just purchasing a commercial adaptive desk.


Much research and development has been invested in ergonomic design to understand why it is important, so companies can produce working stations with better ergonomics that benefit workers.

Height adjustments

Choosing a single task-specific standing desk might be easier if you know what restrictions apply to you, your budget, and the area where you desire to use it. We’ve discovered many adjustable desks don’t actually physically move upwards. Some models might offer single-task use, but it’s not suitable for many people who need to change between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Take some time to think about the desk height that best suits your body type.

If you’re considering a standing desk and want to prevent injuries due to improper workplace ergonomics, make sure that the height of your typing surface is just under the bend in your elbow.


Standing desks are great, but you need to know the right materials and design for your specific body. With these considerations in mind, it’s easy to find the perfect desk! It’s a great way to stay productive and combat fatigue while working at your computer. Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes, but they are typically made out of wood or metal.

Many people are opting for a DIY standing desk, but it is important to know the right height in order to ensure that you are both comfortable and ergonomic.