Adjustable Desk Won’t Go Up: 6 Reasons Why And Quick Fixes

The most common issues we get on our adjustable desk is of them not going up and down. This is something many of you may have experienced in your adjustable desks before.

In this blog post, I’m going to give you an overview of the most common problems people come across with their desks and how to fix them.

Reasons why your standing desk won’t go up

Standing desks are designed to help you avoid sitting all day. But when they don’t work, it can be frustrating and disheartening.

Here are some of the common reasons why standing desks won’t go up:

A lot of weight on the desk

Standing desks are designed to be adjustable, but sometimes they will not go up. This can happen because the desk is too heavy for the lift to move or it shuts off when there is too much weight on it.

Standing desks are designed to handle a certain number of pounds before they overload and shut off, but sometimes people put too much weight on the desk while it’s in the standing mode which can overload the desk.

The maximum weight that a desk can support is 325 lbs. If your desk’s base only supports this amount, the overload will occur and it might be too much for your desk to handle.

The control box starts to cycle out

Standing desks are not the same. Some may have a control box that cycles out, while others will move up and down on their own accord. If your desk is moving up or down but the control box isn’t turning on or off, then you could be experiencing one of these common reasons why it won’t go up:

– The control box has reached its maximum active time limit.

– There’s an auto mode in which it moves automatically to save power when needed.

– The control box has been unplugged.

– A wire or cord may have come loose and needs to be reattached.

The legs are slightly uneven

An adjustable desk can’t be adjusted unless it detects that the legs are uneven. If the control box recognizes that there is an uneven leg, then a complete reset must be done in order for the leg to be realigned. Perhaps a leg got bumped and it’s now skewed off center, so the desk can’t go up or down.

Lost power

Standing desks typically lose power and go into a reset mode. There are many reasons why this can happen, but often times it’s because the desk has been overloaded with too much weight or cords have become entangled in the frame of the desk.

Something is in the way

Some standing desks have collision detection features that can detect when an object is in the way and stop your desk from moving. Other common reasons why a standing desk won’t go up are objects below it, chairs or mobile pedestals.

If your desk stops at an object below the desk, it may be because you have a mobile pedestal or file cabinet that is blocking its travel. Check under your desk and remove any objects to make sure there are no problems with the movement of your desktop.

Desk has an upper container stop

A desk’s upper container stop is a mechanism that prevents collisions with the table. If you change this setting, it means you’ll need to make sure there is no collision prevention for your new height.

If you are not satisfied with the height of your table at 28″, there is a minimum upper container stop that needs to be fixed. The instructions were provided by the manufacturer for how to change or delete it so that your desk can go past this point.

Fix a standing desk that won’t go up

The most common problem for electric sit stand desks is when it starts to malfunction and does not go up or down anymore. This could be due to a loose wire connection or a problem with the motor itself. When this happens, you should first check to see if any electrical components are involved and then fix the issue accordingly.

  • If objects, such as furniture, cabinets, or paintings, are hung above your desk you should try to move it up with the stand. Standing desks have safety mechanisms that block if something is in the way. Just look for obstructions and remove them before trying to move it again.
  • A standing desk will revert to a lower height when it doesn’t have power and also goes into rest mode if the reset switch has been activated. If your desk is moving up and down erratically, you should manually push the reset switch (above the handle) and then retrain the computer muscles around muscles which require movements once they’ve fixed themselves.
  • If the desk’s legs become uneven for any reason, the control box will recognize where they are and correct for that, minimizing further damage if need be. The control box will stop moving when it becomes too difficult or continue until it can try to find a comfortable position. If this still does not work, the stepper motors will be forced to stop and data storage errors may also occur. To fix this height adjustment desktop troubleshooting issue, you may have to perform a whole motor reset and re-align everything.
  • If you have too much weight near the desk, you may find it difficult to freely move or lift some of the objects. So, removing some of the objects on the desk will help keep things in check again.
  • Every desk has a duty cycle. A rest period every 20 minutes allows the computer to move up and down and control the movements of the motor. If you’ve been using it for too long without a break, just give it a 20-minute rest and you should be good for now.
  • If your power cables are loose or the wire is not secured, the power flow will not be reliable. Check your power cables and wires before resetting for consistency.
  • “Upper container stop” is a program on some desks that limits how high the desk or other objects can go. If you’re having trouble with the settings, you may need to remove them from Registry Editor.

If you still experience troubleshooting problems of height-adjustable desk problems, try contacting the manufacturer — who might be able to help.

How do you reset a motorized desk?

It is normal for a motorized desk to lose power while you are working on it. If this happens, follow these steps:

When the desk needs to be reset, you may hear a few clicks and hold down button until it reaches its lowest point.

Once this happens, press the arrow again for 10 seconds and then release. The desk will remember where it is left off at without any memory of what happened before that moment in time.

This is because once you release your finger from pressing the arrow button on your motorized office chair, there’s no way to tell if someone else did or not because they cannot recall how to reset the desk. The shivering sound that you will hear is a sign of its power getting back to work.

If you are experiencing an issue with your motorized desk, there are a few steps to take. You can reach out to the brand’s customer service for additional troubleshooting tips if needed.