Can You Use Bluetooth Speaker With Alexa?

In order to use a Bluetooth speaker with Alexa, you must have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. You can also connect the speaker wirelessly. This will allow you to stream music from your phone and other devices through your Bluetooth speakers.

Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are recognized for Alexa, the voice assistant that powers them, but they can also function like any other Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

In an increasingly wireless world, it is no wonder that Amazon has come out with a device to rival our favorite speaker. The Echo smart speakers not only stream music from your phone or tablet but also include built-in speakers for those times when sound quality matters more than anything else.

What Bluetooth speakers does Alexa work with?

The list of Bluetooth speakers that work perfectly with Alexa is extensive. They include Bluetooth speakers from brands like Bose, Philips, UE BOOM 2 Phantom, JBL Charge 3, Logitech 980-000910, Harman Kardon Aura, FUGOO, and UE MEGABOOM.

Many Bluetooth speakers are compact and can easily be carried with you. If you already use Bluetooth speakers, you know how impressive they can sound for their size.

Amazon’s Bluetooth speakers may not carry the same weight in the audio market because of their lack of presence within it, but there is no doubt that Alexa has changed what Bluetooth speakers are capable of doing.

Why won’t Alexa find my Bluetooth speaker?

If you have tried to connect your Bluetooth speaker to Alexa but have had no success, there are a few possible explanations.

The first is that the Bluetooth settings on your Bluetooth device are set too high for Alexa to recognize it.

Another possibility is that you simply do not have a supported Bluetooth speaker, which makes it impossible to connect your Bluetooth speaker with Alexa. You can purchase these smart speakers from Amazon or Best Buy for $149 and up.

Another reason why you might be having problems connecting your Bluetooth speakers with Alexa is because one of these 3 things:

What other features does the Amazon Echo have that I should know about?

The Amazon Echo has many features, including controlling smart devices with Alexa, enhancing your home television viewing with voice commands, playing audiobooks and podcasts, acting as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone, and interacting with other capable Bluetooth speakers.

Amazon’s Bluetooth speaker also allows you to stream music through your Bluetooth speakers, which is one of the most popular things people ask Alexa for. You can control volume, play/pause, what music you want to hear (with voice), and buy music directly on Amazon.

From playing games with Bluetooth speakers through Alexa to receiving professional assistance from the Ask My Buddy team, Bluetooth speakers are here to stay. They may even become more advanced than they are today!

Why should you buy an Amazon Echo instead of another wireless speaker?

You should buy a Bluetooth speaker from Amazon because Alexa is a capability that makes your Bluetooth speakers multifunctional. You have the ability to voice-control many functions of the speaker, which gives you more time to use your Bluetooth speakers without being glued to your phone or tablet.

In addition, these smart speakers are Bluetooth compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, so you get all the support and features you need from one device.


In conclusion, Bluetooth speaker with Alexa is possible to use with Alexa as long as you are using a compatible device. For Bluetooth speakers that work best with Alexa, Bluetooth speakers from brands like Bose, Philips, UE BOOM 2 Phantom, JBL Charge 3, Logitech 980-000910, Harman Kardon Aura, FUGOO, and UE MEGABOOM are compatible Bluetooth speakers for Alexa.