Bluetooth Speakers: How Long Do The Battery Last?

Bluetooth speakers are quickly becoming a staple of the modern-day household. They provide you with the ability to play music wirelessly or connect multiple devices at once. However, one of the biggest issues is that they have a limited battery life so you can’t always use them as long as you’d like.

This blog post will go over how long Bluetooth speaker batteries last and what it means if your device’s battery life has gone down since you first purchased it. 

How long does the battery of Bluetooth speakers last?

Bluetooth speakers have an average battery life of 10-20 hours with a fully charged battery. Expect a 1000mAH Bluetooth speaker with a playtime of 10 hrs with a charge time of 3 hrs.

The battery in Bluetooth speakers can vary in size, but in most cases, they are around 1000mAH to 4000 mAH. Keep in mind that Bluetooth speakers use more power than standard Bluetooth devices so their battery life is shorter.

If you have the Bluetooth speaker set to maximum volume, it will drain much more quickly than if you are using it at a lower volume.

However, each manufacturer has different ways of handling the Bluetooth speaker‘s charging that may reduce its lifespan or increase it. For example, Bluetooth speakers with a longer Bluetooth range tend to have shorter battery lives since it needs more power to stay connected.

On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers with an auto-off feature will extend their battery life since they are not continuously using power.

You can also purchase Bluetooth speaker charging devices that prevent overcharging and overheating which can damage your Bluetooth speaker’s battery life.

How long do Bluetooth speakers take to charge?

Bluetooth speakers take about 3 hours to fully charge. If you find that your battery life is decreasing or not lasting as long as it used to, be sure the battery is charged completely before using your Bluetooth speaker again.

Some models will come with a fast-charging feature which can reduce the charging time by up to 50%, but this does require the purchase of additional parts.

The Bluetooth speaker brand might play an important role in how long its battery lasts since some brands are known for having batteries that last longer than others.

For example, Bose Bluetooth speakers have exceptionally long-lasting batteries compared to most other Bluetooth speakers on the market today.

So how do you know if your Bluetooth speaker needs more juice?

There are a few signs that your Bluetooth speaker might need its battery life charged up again.

  • First, if there is no power indicator on the device this could be an indication that it needs to be charged up again.
  • Second, if your Bluetooth speaker isn’t pairing with your device you may need to plug it in for some extra time.
  • Third, if the Bluetooth speaker is constantly blinking or has low Bluetooth connectivity then it means that the battery needs more juice. Bluetooth speakers will have reduced Bluetooth range when they have less battery life so they’ll have a shorter Bluetooth range than usual.

It’s important to note that these issues aren’t always indicators of a bad battery since some devices will turn off their Bluetooth range or Bluetooth connectivity if their battery is too low.

What’s the best way to charge a Bluetooth speaker?

It’s best to use the included wall charger because other USB cables can reduce a Bluetooth speaker’s battery life. Using a slow-charging cable, for example, won’t fully charge your device and repeatedly using a non-charging cable can damage it.

In addition, you should use an AC wall outlet as opposed to a USB port on your computer since this will reduce the heat your Bluetooth speaker is exposed to which extends its battery life. Make sure not to keep it in the sun or near heat sources as this will overheat and damage the battery.

Why do some speakers have better battery life than others?

The Bluetooth connection can vary Bluetooth Speaker Battery Life since if you are connected to a larger device such as your laptop, the battery may drain faster than when connected to a smaller device such as your phone.

Also if your Bluetooth speaker battery life is draining quickly and it is not because you’re playing music at maximum volume, it could be an issue with how much power the Bluetooth speaker needs in general. Some speakers are just not designed to be efficient.

Some Bluetooth speakers are much smaller, which helps them conserve battery life, or they may have a strong Bluetooth connection range. But remember that a Bluetooth connection requires more battery power. So the Bluetooth speaker with a Bluetooth connection at a longer range will consume more battery when compared to the Bluetooth speaker with a Bluetooth connection at a shorter range.

Another reason is that the speaker has a larger mAH battery which means it can provide more energy.

If your battery life has gone down since you first purchased the Bluetooth speaker, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is damaged. Your Bluetooth speaker can also lose its battery life if it has been exposed to extreme heat or cold for an extended period.

What if my Bluetooth speaker won’t hold a charge anymore?

If you notice that your Bluetooth speaker is losing its original battery capacity, there are several things you can do to reduce this effect.

First of all, don’t keep it on the charger for longer than necessary or leave it plugged in overnight because doing so will wear down the battery. It is best to keep the speaker on the charger while not in use so it maintains a full battery without being overcharged which can cause damage to your device.

Also, make sure you don’t place the Bluetooth speaker in hot areas like near an open window or heater because doing so may wear down its lifespan. You should also avoid places where there are large amounts of dust because the Bluetooth jack port might become clogged with dust particles and stop working properly.

However, if your battery refused to hold any amount of charge after following these tips, then it’s probably time for you to purchase a new Bluetooth speaker.

Tips for extending the life of your battery

If your Bluetooth speaker battery is lower than you’d like, here are a few ways to conserve its power.

First of all, reduce the Bluetooth speaker’s volume as much as possible because it uses a lot more power when turned up very high.

It’s best practice to unplug the Bluetooth speaker from the charger when not in use since being left on the Bluetooth speaker charger for longer than necessary can damage the Bluetooth speaker’s battery life.

Always turn off the Bluetooth function with a toggle switch when not using your device since leaving it on constantly drains Bluetooth speaker battery life.

Do not Bluetooth speakers in hot places since this wears down Bluetooth speakers battery life over time.

Keep Bluetooth speaker clean by unplugging Bluetooth device when not in use, especially when placed near an open window or dusty area to prevent Bluetooth jack port from becoming clogged with dust particles and stop Bluetooth speaker from working properly.

You can also try to use one device at a time instead of multiple devices at once since using multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously can really drain your battery. Last but not least, make sure to turn off the Bluetooth feature whenever you’re not using it.

What if the Bluetooth speaker battery dies?

If your Bluetooth speaker’s battery dies, you can try to connect it to a power outlet using the included standard power cable if there’s any.

Try to use the original charger or one that is official from the Bluetooth speakers manufacturer.

When recharging Bluetooth speakers make sure it has a full battery because if the Bluetooth speaker isn’t completely charged and you start playing music on maximum volume, then it can damage your Bluetooth speaker’s battery life.

You should also try not to let your Bluetooth speaker drain its battery all the way because this could cause problems with charging in general and reduce your Bluetooth speaker’s battery life even further.

Also as mentioned before overcharging and overheating can cause long-term damage to Bluetooth speakers which means you won’t be able to enjoy Bluetooth speakers for long if your Bluetooth speaker is always overheating.


In conclusion, Bluetooth speakers are known for their Bluetooth speaker battery life which can last up to 20 hours before having to charge the Bluetooth speaker.

It’s important to remember to unplug it from its charger when not in use and make sure the Bluetooth speaker has a full charge before turning up its volume too high, because if you don’t do this, then you might damage your Bluetooth speaker’s battery life which means you won’t be able to enjoy Bluetooth speakers for long.


Can you change the battery on a Bluetooth speaker?

One last thing to keep in mind about Bluetooth speaker battery life is that Bluetooth speakers batteries can’t be replaced. If your Bluetooth speaker’s battery dies and you try to replace it, the Bluetooth speaker’s warranty will be voided since they contain electronic components.

Is it okay to leave it plugged in all the time?

No, it is not okay to leave it plugged in all the time. It will eventually damage your Bluetooth speaker’s battery life or shorten its overall lifespan.

Is it true that Bluetooth consumes more battery than auxiliary?

Bluetooth definitely uses up more battery than auxiliary because Bluetooth has a lot of signal processing going on in the background.

What is the Bluetooth range?

Bluetooth has a fairly limited range of 10 meters, so Bluetooth speaker battery life will run down much faster if you’re farther away from a Bluetooth source.