11 Possible Reasons Why Your Bluetooth Speaker So Quiet?

It’s hard to believe that the Bluetooth speaker you just bought is so quiet. You may be wondering what’s wrong with it and why it doesn’t sound as good as other speakers you’ve heard before. There are a number of reasons for this, but we’ll go over the most common ones here. 

It is set in low volume mode

One of the most common reasons Bluetooth speakers are quiet is that it’s set in low volume unknowingly. Check the volume first to make sure that it’s not on low. Bluetooth speakers are usually set to a low volume by default, but this can be changed later.

You should also check the volume settings in your phone, tablet or laptop. Some Bluetooth speakers don’t have their own volume controls, which means that the sound comes from where you’re playing it back.

If your Bluetooth device has an equalizer you should also ensure the Bluetooth speaker is using the correct one. You can do this by going to settings and selecting an equalizer for Bluetooth playback or making sure that your Bluetooth speaker is selected as the input/output device when playing back audio from another source.

It is too far away from the source

The last common reason why Bluetooth speakers might be quiet is because your Bluetooth speaker isn’t close enough to the Bluetooth source. Bluetooth speakers have a range of about 30 feet, but as you increase the distance between your Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth source, it becomes harder to connect or maintain a connection. If this is the case, moving closer should solve the problem.

Background Noise

The first reason is because your device has too much background noise on it, which can make any sounds coming from the speaker seem quieter than they really are. If this is happening, try turning off your phone or putting it on airplane mode until you’re ready to use music or something else again. This will cut out all unwanted background noise for clearer sound quality when listening through your speaker. 


Another possible explanation is that some Bluetooth speakers will play at lower volumes than other Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth itself has a limited range and can’t transfer as much sound to your Bluetooth speaker as using a corded connection could. Bluetooth also often has trouble maintaining good connections with multiple devices that are connected, which can cause drop outs or static even if your phone might be close by.

Music your playing is not loud

Another reason why Bluetooth speakers may come out quiet is because the music you’re playing isn’t actually very loud, even though it sounds like it should be. If you’ve downloaded low quality music from an unreliable source or ripped a CD at too low of a bitrate, chances are it won’t produce enough sound for the Bluetooth speaker to pick up on and amplify well. Make sure all of the files you’re playing through Bluetooth are in the highest possible quality to prevent this from happening.

Speaker is not made to be loud

Sometimes Bluetooth speakers may come out quiet because the Bluetooth speaker is designed that way. If you’re using a Bluetooth speaker that has an advertised low volume range, don’t expect it to play louder than that without some help. This isn’t usually something manufacturers will advertise, so if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker with louder sound try shopping for one specifically made for this purpose and not just by default like all other Bluetooth speakers.

Low Battery

If you Bluetooth speaker is running low on battery, it won’t be able to play anything at a high volume even if you had the Bluetooth speaker set up perfectly before. Make sure your Bluetooth speaker has plenty of charge before you try playing music through it and adjust the volume accordingly, or plug in your Bluetooth speaker with an auxiliary cord.

Dirty speaker

If you Bluetooth speaker looks dirty or dusty, it may not be able to produce sound properly. It’s possible that dirt and dust particles can affect how well sound waves travel through your Bluetooth speaker and cause the music to play quietly. To fix this issue, try cleaning out any dust or dirt from your Bluetooth speaker with a non-abrasive cloth before trying again.

Poor quality Bluetooth speaker

If this is an older Bluetooth speaker and you’ve seen newer and better ones for sale it’s understandable why it may seem like yours doesn’t work as well as those do.

This isn’t always the case though; sometimes Bluetooth speakers aren’t made to make any sound at all unless they’re plugged in with a cord. Bluetooth speakers can be especially quiet this way, since Bluetooth technology is not always the best when it comes to transferring audio and you’re often better off using a corded connection if possible.

Bluetooth itself also has a limited range and could stop playing music halfway through unless you move closer or pay for a Bluetooth speaker that uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to play your songs perfectly. To test this, plug in your Bluetooth speaker and then try again; if it works properly now, there’s no problem with your Bluetooth speaker and something else is going on instead (like one of the issues listed previously).

If none of these sound like they apply to you or if all of these don’t make any sense, maybe your Bluetooth speaker isn’t actually receiving Bluetooth from your phone. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on both devices and try to re establish the Bluetooth connection by pressing the Bluetooth button on your Bluetooth speaker or turning Bluetooth off and back on in your device settings.

Damaged speaker

And finally, make sure there isn’t any water damage or corrosion on your Bluetooth speaker’s battery if it’s rechargeable and replace the battery if necessary with a new one; faulty batteries can cause all kinds of problems when trying to amplify Bluetooth speaker sound.

All Bluetooth speakers are different, so just because your Bluetooth speaker is quiet compared to other Bluetooth speakers doesn’t mean it’s defective or broken.

Make sure you’re looking at all of the possible explanations before assuming the Bluetooth speaker itself is faulty!

Hearing loss

It’s possible that you are having some sort of hearing loss, which might be the reason why you can’t hear your Bluetooth speaker very well. Bluetooth speakers are made to produce high quality audio, so if you’re not hearing it that way it could just mean that your ears aren’t fit for Bluetooth speakers.


Bluetooth speakers are a great way to listen to music without using any wires, but sometimes they’re just quiet for no apparent reason at all! If you have a Bluetooth speaker that seems quiet even when everything should be set up properly, there’s a good chance one of these issues may apply to you. Try going through them one-by-one until you find the problem then adjust your Bluetooth speaker volume accordingly.

If none of these suggestions fix the issue, it might be time for you to upgrade to a better Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are often made with low volume ranges because Bluetooth itself is not great at transferring high volumes of audio, especially over Bluetooth (it’s usually better to go through Bluetooth speaker wire for the highest sound quality possible).

If you want a Bluetooth speaker designed for higher volumes, try looking for one specifically marketed as being louder than normal Bluetooth speakers to prevent this issue from returning.

If none of these options apply to your situation and your Bluetooth speaker still isn’t making any noise then it might just be broken or faulty instead!