Are Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Good?

Bluetooth speakers are not all the same.

On one end, some Bluetooth speakers cost a lot of money but offer great sound quality and volume. On the other end, Bluetooth speakers can be purchased for next to nothing with little expectations in terms of sound quality.

But if Bluetooth is out of your budget, you don’t have to give Bluetooth speakers up completely because there are plenty of wired versions that are either cheap or expensive, depending on what type they are.

Are cheap Bluetooth speakers good?

Yes! You might not get a perfect Bluetooth speaker if you go cheap, but you can still get Bluetooth speakers that work well for most purposes. There are even some wired alternatives that may be better than Bluetooth in most cases, especially if your phone or device is not Bluetooth capable.

We recommend looking at Bluetooth wireless speaker reviews before buying Bluetooth speakers. You might be surprised by all the different models and features you can get!

While Bluetooth options might be more practical for most people, Bluetooth isn’t necessary when it comes to buying speakers as long as you know what you’re doing and pay attention to the little details.

If you want to get a cheap Bluetooth speaker, make sure it has these features:

  • Fast connectivity
  • Auxiliary input for bigger sound systems and non-Bluetooth devices
  • Rechargeable batteries or AC power for portability
  • Good quality sound at low volume because most speakers can’t play loud music without deteriorating in sound quality.  

Even expensive Bluetooth speakers don’t have the best sound across all volumes, so cheap Bluetooth speakers will probably be just fine. If they do have good enough sound at low volumes, then the Bluetooth speaker is worth buying.

Why would someone want a cheap speaker?

There are many reasons why someone would get a cheap Bluetooth speaker, such as to use for travel or portability. Perhaps the user doesn’t want to spend too much on a Bluetooth speaker and is willing to go with something cheaper.

The Bluetooth speakers might be used by a younger person who isn’t too picky about sound quality and just wants their music loud enough for them to hear it while they’re doing other things.

In some cases, people just don’t have much money but still need Bluetooth speakers, so they have no choice but to get cheap Bluetooth speakers. In other cases, people just see no reason to pay more when there’s not that big of a difference in sound quality between cheap Bluetooth speakers and expensive ones.

How can you tell if the speaker is cheaply made?

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell by looks alone because some Bluetooth speakers look great while others don’t.

The best way to tell if a speaker is cheap would be to read Bluetooth speaker reviews online and see what other people think of it. If it’s got multiple bad Bluetooth speaker reviews , then try looking elsewhere.

However, not all Bluetooth speaker reviews are the same since some reviewers may be more critical than others about certain features or sound quality at low volumes. Keep in mind that there are many factors that come into play when considering how good or bad a Bluetooth speaker seems, including price (cheap vs expensive), brand name, amount of time spent testing out the Bluetooth speaker, etc.

Don’t worry too much about the sound quality, though. Even cheap Bluetooth speakers usually have decent sound quality at low volumes because most Bluetooth speaker reviews agree on that.

When to buy expensive Bluetooth speakers?

It’s best to avoid cheap Bluetooth speakers if you want the best sound quality because those will often come at a higher price.

The only time it might be worth buying an expensive Bluetooth speaker is if:

  • You plan on spending a lot of time listening to music or other media and need great sound quality
  • You plan on bringing your Bluetooth speaker with you a lot and don’t want to worry about running out of battery life.

You might also consider getting an expensive Bluetooth speaker if you have a bigger budget because some Bluetooth speakers are known to sound better than others.

In most cases, though, cheap Bluetooth speakers will be fine for most people since most Bluetooth speakers only cost ~$50-150 USD. It’s not worth spending more unless you plan on using it all the time and need great sound quality while traveling or something along those lines.

Cheap Vs expensive Bluetooth speaker?

The much more costly ones are built of superior materials and tend to produce better sound. These higher priced Bluetooth speakers are more worth buying when they’re to be enjoyed when you’re throwing a party at your home or outdoors and during crucial moments in life like birthdays and weddings.

The cheap Bluetooth speaker is the way to go for those who admire music in their regular lives, perhaps during walks in the park or while jogging around your neighborhood.

Lastly, it might be useful to note that Bluetooth technology has improved greatly over time. Cheap Bluetooth speakers should definitely sound better than cheap Bluetooth speakers made several years ago because of this advancement.

That said, even Bluetooth speakers that are 10 years old can produce good enough sound for casual listening at low volumes. So don’t worry about not getting good enough sound if you’re going cheap. If it sounds bad, just don’t use it.

How much should you spend on a Bluetooth speaker?

You can get a cheap or expensive Bluetooth speaker that will work just fine for most people. Get the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 if you want to save money on Bluetooth speakers, but these Bluetooth speakers under 50 are also quite good!

If you’re willing to spend more than $100 on your Bluetooth speaker, then the sound quality will probably be better and you might even get some extra features like NFC pairing.

However, unless you’re an audiophile with very high standards (and an unlimited budget) for sound equipment, don’t worry too much about getting “perfect” Bluetooth speakers. The differences in sound quality between cheap and expensive models is often very small compared to other factors like where they made or what materials were used to make them.

Just remember to pick a Bluetooth speaker with good reviews and not too many negative comments, especially if you want to save money on Bluetooth speakers!


Cheap Bluetooth speakers are worth it if they have good enough sound at low volume, but expensive Bluetooth speakers will probably be great for most people because of the convenience they offer.

A wired alternative can beat Bluetooth in terms of quality or price, so think about what you want before buying either type of speaker.