How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder: 9 Ways To Increase The Volume

Many people don’t know how to make their Bluetooth speaker louder. They might not even realize that it is possible since everyone else seems fine with the volume on them, and they can hear things at a more manageable level.

A lot of people end up wishing for more volume from their Bluetooth speakers because no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem like enough sometimes. It may be too quiet or if there is an event going on in the background that you want to listen to then your friends get mad because they can’t enjoy themselves without hearing music while watching TV or playing games either through headphones or in stereo mode.

In this article, we talk about 9 different things that will help boost the sound on your Bluetooth speaker.

How to make a Bluetooth speaker louder?

Check the room area

To make a Bluetooth speaker louder you should consider the size of your space and what walls are present. Closed-off rooms bounce off walls and create a “bouncing” sound whereas open spaces die out as they expand away from the source of the sound.

The power of amplification decreases with distance from the source. This means that if you are further away, sound will be more difficult to hear. Sound follows inverse square law, which states sound intensity decreases with distance from source.

The sound quality of a room would depend on the size and other variables. The better the sound, it is important to consider that there are factors such as walls or furniture in between you and your source device for example.

Put it on the floor

Put the speaker on a hard flat surface like a table, counter or floor. It’s worth experimenting with different surfaces to see if there is an improvement in volume. This will create an echo that can make sound louder and more directional. Place the speaker away from most objects and walls, including hanging up a sheet or towel behind it to increase its sound waves.

Place it against a wall

If you place the Bluetooth speaker against a wall, it will amplify the sound and make your audio more audible.

If you are trying to amplify the sound of your speaker by placing it against a wall or close to another surface, make sure that there is nothing in between the speaker and where you want louder sound.

Set it close to a corner

One way to make a Bluetooth speaker louder is by making it close to a wall or corner. When the sound waves bounce off of these surfaces, they will amplify the volume at which you are listening to your music.

It is important, however, not to place the speaker too close or it will create an echo effect that can be unpleasant for listeners. Make sure you are placing the Bluetooth speaker at least 12 inches away from the wall so that it does not create a reverberation.

Double check audio settings

If you want to increase the volume on your Bluetooth speaker and it’s not already at max, then there are a few things that you can do. Double-check to make sure all of the audio settings are correct. Head to Settings > Sound, and make sure that the volume is set to max on both Bluetooth speaker and device.

Use multiple Bluetooth speakers

One way of increasing the volume of your Bluetooth speaker would be using another Bluetooth speaker as a secondary source of sound. In order to do this, wirelessly connect the two speakers together and make sure they are close enough for both speakers to be heard clearly. If you want to use a wired set of speakers, but your Bluetooth speaker is not loud enough, you can connect it to the auxiliary input on the back of your stereo system.

Remove items that absorbs sound

If the sound of your speaker is too low, you might want to remove some objects that can absorb sound from its surroundings. For example, furniture and carpeting can absorb some of the sound waves.

  • Remove the furniture
  • Move to a room with hard floors or remove rugs from the floor
  • Replace heavy curtains or drapes with light curtains or sheers

Follow these tips and your Bluetooth speaker will be louder.

Maintain your Bluetooth speaker

Check and clean your Bluetooth speaker to make sure the speaker is not dusty and there are no build-ups of dirt or debris that may be preventing sound from coming out.

Clean it with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove any dirt or debris that may have collected on the speaker.

Avoid metal or glass surfaces

One of the most common reasons for a Bluetooth speaker to sound quieter than it should is that its surface blocks some of the sound waves and muffles them. A table, metal or glass surfaces are the worst offenders.

If you want to make your speaker sound louder, try placing it on a hard surface or hang it from the ceiling with strings so that its sides are exposed and facing downward.

Reasons why Bluetooth speakers is quiet

There are a lot of reasons why your Bluetooth speaker sounds so quiet.

  • The first reason is that you have the volume on too low. This can be fixed by simply turning up the volume, which can be done by pressing the power button on your device and adjusting the volume settings.
  • The second reason is that you have a broken speaker or microphone in your Bluetooth device, which means it will always sound quiet until you replace it.
  • The third reason is that you are in a noisy environment, which means your Bluetooth speaker will not be able to produce enough sound because of all the background noise around you.
  • The fourth reason is that you are too far away from your Bluetooth speaker. If this is the case, then it will sound quiet because of the distance between your device and its speakers.
  • It might also be because the speaker’s battery is low, which can make it difficult for your device to send signals to the speakers and sound louder.

How loud can Bluetooth speakers be?

Bluetooth speakers can be as loud as 95 decibels, but this depends on the speaker. They usually range from about 50 to 90 dB.

There are many factors that can decrease or increase the volume, and these include:

  • The distance between your device and speaker.
  • Your phone’s battery life.
  • The amount of background noise in the room.
  • The volume on your device’s Bluetooth menu bar.

Loudest Bluetooth speakers

Have you ever been out on the beach with your friends trying to have a good time? When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, what is the loudest one on the market? I’ve been using a few different speakers for my beach days, and they’re all pretty loud. I wanted to know what the loudest Bluetooth speakers are on the market.

Amazon Echo Studio

With a market share of 65%, Amazon Echo seems like it is commonplace. The first thought isn’t the volume, because the Echo Studio produces up to 90dB of noise, making that concept fairly impossible.

The device has five speakers in very different locations. One is positioned above, right and left with midrange speakers, one is oriented towards the front with a tweeter, and with one facing downwards into the bass region with the woofer. These locations are done in order to effectively surround any listener with sound.

Smart home gadgets get software updates and can link to a variety of other smart home devices. Notably, this speaker is intended for indoor usage only, not outside use.

Overall, the Amazon Echo Studio is a terrific speaker for anyone searching for an all-in-one gadget with superb quality.

SoundBoks (Gen. 3)

The newest and loudest speaker from SoundBoks has arrived and it’s quite the spectacle – the third generation contains two 10” woofers atop 96dB and one 104dB compression driver tweeter. You heard that right, it’s definitely noisy.

The SoundBoks, made from the same quality battery as previous models and connecting through Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provides two hours of music playtime on a single charge.

SoundBoks offers its clients options of five most popular colors: black, white, orange, blue and red. Sure what it looks like doesn’t matter when music is playing at full volume.

JBL Boombox 2

The JBL Boombox 2 is an improvement over the first model, with a more substantial sound impact. The loudest JBL boombox ever, according to US audio experts.

So, how does the JBL Boombox compare to this model? It now connects to JBL PartyBoost-compatible devices and replaces Bluetooth 4.2. The device now features an extra RMS-woofer and 2 x 40 W RMS-tweeters, and a new design. With IPX7 technology, it’s entirely waterproof and has a little longer battery life than its elder sister.

This rugged piece of gear is available in black or camo and is certainly worth a look if you want to spice things up.