Extended Mouse Pad Vs Normal Sized Mouse Pads

A few days ago, at the time of this writing, I had this idea for a blog post about extended mouse pads and who needs them. It turns out that the answer is just about everyone! 

That’s because we’re all using our mice in ways we never did before: scrolling through websites, playing games with lots of buttons to click, and working on huge spreadsheets.

And while you can get by without one if you have a small laptop or desktop computer, it really doesn’t make sense anymore to use your computer without an extended mouse pad.

What is an extended mouse pad?

An extended mouse pad is one that’s much larger than the mouse pad that came with your computer. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they give you more “elbow room” for your mouse to scoot around on your desk.

Also called a mouse mat, mouse tray, or mouse platform, an extended mouse pad can be useful if you’re working on a laptop at the kitchen table or writing a paper from your dorm room workstation. 

So what are some important benefits of using an extended mouse pad?

  1. You’ll have more space for moving your mouse side-to-side without hitting anything else on your desk–and no risk of bumping into things by accident.
  2. Because you’re not brushing against your mouse cord, it will run more smoothly and you can do things like click extra fast without losing mouse control.
  3. You’ll get less tired from moving your mouse back and forth (which is especially helpful if you use a mouse all day long)

Why use an extended mouse pad?

The mouse pads that come standard with desktop computers are incredibly limited in the sizes they provide. They’re usually designed to fit under a computer mouse, which barely leaves any room for your mouse hand to move around.

If you have ever tried playing games on one of these mouse pads or clicking buttons across its width, you know the discomfort of trying to do too many things at once with just one hand.

The extended mouse pad was originally designed so gamers could have more space for their mouse and improve their game play by being able to move their mouse away from the restricted area of a regular mousepad. It’s also great if you need space for documents or pictures that you want to view next to each other, since it gives your mouse hand a lot more room to move.

The mouse pad’s surface material is also one thing you might want to consider before buying, since it can make a big difference in how well your mouse works on the mouse pad and stays clean over time.

For Spacious Desk

Extended mouse pads are great for people who have a lot of space on their desk. You can pretty much forget about the mouse pad that came with your desktop computer and get a mouse pad that is as big as you want.

If you have a large monitor, a mouse pad that’s the same size might be a good idea. That way, your mouse can stay in one place and not get lost among all the things you’ve got on your desk.

If you’re using both hands to work on something like writing an essay or balancing your budget for the year, having an extended mouse pad gives both mouse hands enough room to move around freely.

For Gaming

Mouse pads are an important part of most gamers’ set ups, but especially when playing games like first-person shooters (FPS) and real time strategy (RTS). It gives them more room for their mouse hand and lets them make faster mouse movements.

You don’t have to be into gaming to enjoy an extended mouse pad, though; it’s just a matter of preference. Many people find that having more space makes scrolling through websites and doing other mouse work easier.

Pros of Cons of Extended Mouse Pads

There are lots of mouse pad options out there, so before you buy it’s good to know what you’re getting into.

What People Love:

  • Large mouse pads give mouse hands a lot of room to move around and prevent cramping and discomfort on your wrist and fingers during long computer sessions.
  • The mouse pad surface material lets you choose how your mouse glides across the mouse pad’s surface, which means better precision for gaming or office work.
  • Extended mouse pads also allow you to make quick movements without worrying about going beyond the mouse pad’s edges and having all those extra movements affect where your cursor is on screen.

Cons of extended mouse pads:

  • Bigger mouse pads can be more expensive than a mouse pad that’s a standard size.
  • If you’re not into gaming, an extended mouse pad might be more of a luxury item than something you need to buy.

Are extended mouse pads worth it?

It depends on your personal preferences and what you plan on using it for.

If you don’t have the desk space or would simply rather not spend extra cash for something that’s purely cosmetic, then go with a mouse pad that is of standard size.

If you want to play games, mouse pads are definitely worth it because they give more room for mouse movement and let you be more precise about where your mouse lands during game play.

It also gives mouse hands more room to move around if you’re doing office or school work that requires lots of mouse movements across the whole mouse pad surface.

Final words

In this article, we’ve outlined some tips on what you should consider when buying an extended mouse pad, and also shared some opinions from people who have used one before.

We hope this helps your next shopping experience go more smoothly!

Extended mouse pads are great for many uses, but make sure they are right for you before buying. Keep it in mind the size of your desk (if you have room), reasons why someone would use one (office work vs gaming). Overall, be aware of pros and cons of an extended mouse pad if making the purchase decision.