Cloth Vs Hard Mouse Pad? Which Is Better

A gaming mouse pad is a key component to your computer setup. From the feel of what you’re using, to how it affects your mouse’s performance, there are many things to consider when choosing one for yourself.

If you’re on the fence about which type of surface will work best for you, we’ll outline some pros and cons of both cloth vs hard mouse pads below. 

Hard vs soft mouse pads

In the simplest terms, mouse pads can be divided into two categories: hard or soft.

Soft mouse pads are usually made from a thin material such as cloth, vinyl, or neoprene which will make your mouse glide more easily than on a hard mouse pad. This also means that it’s easier to “feel” where your mouse is going when using one of these kinds of mouse pad surfaces.

The downside is that they wear out quickly and absorb liquid spills; this means that if spilled water dries, it’ll leave behind a stain on the mouse pad surface that could potentially get onto the mouse itself.

Hard mouse pads are typically made from plastic and take longer for your mouse to travel across thanks to its rougher surface. This is good for mouse precision, but bad for mouse speed. Hard mouse pads will also last longer than soft mouse pads and typically won’t absorb spills like their cloth counterparts.

In general, we would recommend a hard mouse pad surface for gaming as it’s more suited to quick mouse movements.

Cloth vs hard mouse pads for gaming?

Gaming mouse pads have a smooth surface that your mouse glides along with ease. These mouse pads are designed to have a balance between speed and precision, so if you’re playing an arcade shooter like Overwatch or CS:GO, you might want to consider getting one of these mouse pads.

In general, we recommend choosing either a cloth mouse pad or hard mouse pad for gaming as both materials can have models for gaming.

Which one should you choose? Well, it’s really up to personal preference, as the difference between the two can be very subtle. Choosing which mouse pad surface is best for you only depends on how well your mouse glides across your desktop and what kind of feeling you prefer when using it.

Mouse pads come in all shapes and sizes

When buying a mouse pad, you’ll want to consider what size mouse pad you need. These mouse pads vary in sizes from just a few inches all the way up to fifty inches across. We would recommend sticking with something as small as will fit your needs because mouse pads get very expensive very quickly once you start getting into larger shapes and sizes; not only does the price go up but so do shipping costs!

Meanwhile, mouse mats have become more advanced than ever before. From mouse pads that help relax your wrist (cushion mouse mats) to mouse pads that also act as a wrist rest for your keyboard (combination mouse mat), there’s definitely one out there for every type of gamer.

Manufacturers have also been adding RGB lighting effects in recent mouse pads, allowing you to add a bit of flare to your mouse pad and show off your gaming gear. These mouse pads are also typically on the more expensive side; two of our most recommended mouse pad manufacturers are Corsair and Razer for their great mouse pads that effectively allow you to play in style with RGB lighting effects.

Do mouse pads make a difference?

There have been many studies done testing whether mouse pads actually make a difference when playing games or not. Some users swear by them while others claim they notice no changes from using one. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what mouse pad you decide to use as long as you’re comfortable with it and makes sense for your budget.

As far as the tech inside the mouse pads goes, there’s a lot of marketing terms being thrown around that all seem to do the same thing. This is because mouse pads are now equipped with several different features and surfaces to help make your mouse perform better than using a bare mouse pad.

Some mouse pads have been designed with a textured surface for increased mouse precision, while others will be designed with a smooth cloth surface for improved mouse speed. Some mouse pads even come with water resistant surfaces which prevent spills from ruining your mouse pad!

Waterproofing is another important feature as well, since you wouldn’t want spilled water ruining any of your valuable electronics. And finally, some mouse pads also come with wrist rests so that you can rest your hand on them more easily while playing games or performing other tasks requiring intensive mouse usage.

So in conclusion, mouse pads are definitely useful and can help improve mouse accuracy and mouse speed depending on what mouse pad you choose to use.

All we can really say is go out there and try some mouse pads for yourself before making a decision; you might find them useless to begin with until upgrading your mouse, or you might find that they actually make a noticeable difference in your gaming performance!

Are hard mouse pads better for FPS?

Hard mouse pads provide a more smooth surface for mouse movements, but that doesn’t mean cloth mouse pads are any less suited for FPS games. In fact, mouse pad preference is mostly decided by personal preference.

If you’re playing an older game (with pixel perfect accuracy being important), you might want to consider getting a hard mouse pad with a textured surface and precise tracking capabilities.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to transport around with ease, then we suggest going with a cloth mouse pad!

Do mouse pads affect mouse accuracy?

Mouse pad surface is the main factor in determining mouse accuracy. While larger mouse pads may give your mouse more room to travel without having to reposition it, there’s no proof that they provide any greater accuracy over a smaller sized mouse pad.

The same can be said with cloth vs hard mouse pads; it’s completely up to personal preference what type of grip or sensitivity you prefer.

What mouse pads should I get for FPS gaming?

All mouse pads are made with different mouse sensors in mind. Some mouse sensors will be more compatible with certain mouse pads than others. In general, you’ll want to go with a cloth mouse pad that provides a smooth and fast surface for your mouse to glide on. Look up reviews beforehand so you know what type of sensor it’s designed for before purchasing!

Best material for hard mouse pads

Hard mouse pads are usually made out of plastics or aluminum. Both materials provide a smooth surface and both have their own pros and cons, depending on what you’re looking for out of your mouse pad!

Plastic mouse pads can be less expensive since they tend to be more popular, but aluminum mouse pads are much sturdier and may last longer.

If you’re looking for something, that’s lightweight and durable, aluminum mouse pads are the way to go.