Do Mouse Pads Make A Difference?

Do you think that a mouse pad makes any difference? Is it something important to have or can you just use your desk instead?

Read on for an explanation of some of the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide!

Does a good mouse pad make a difference?

Mouse pads are not essential for a mouse to work, but they can potentially improve mouse control and accuracy. In some cases, gaming mouse mats have additional features which can benefit gamers who rely on mouse control for their success. They are also much easier to clean than most other mouse surfaces.

The mouse pads that come with mice are usually quite basic, but mouse pads specifically designed for mouse use can improve your mouse’s performance.

Mouse pads generally consist of a thin sheet of non-slip material which prevents the mouse from moving in an uncontrolled fashion. This means that you will be able to move your mouse pointer more accurately and effectively.

Different materials have different effects on mouse tracking speed, control, and precision:


Plastic surfaces allow for very rapid movement – the mouse cursor moves very rapidly across the screen while tracking it over this surface. The speed is important when trying to quickly scroll through large documents or websites as well as games where speed is required, such as real time strategy games where flicking between screens is vital so you can position your units accordingly.

Plastic mouse pads are also good for gamers because they allow for very rapid changes of direction, allowing the mouse pointer to respond quickly and so even very quick mouse movements can be controlled precisely.

The surface is not as smooth, however, meaning that movement on the mouse pad may feel a little “sticky” which some users may find uncomfortable or frustrating.


Polyester mouse pads offer more control than plastic mouse surfaces because the texture is textured, which reduces slippage while still allowing quite rapid mouse movements to be tracked accurately.

It’s a good choice for those who prefer fast movement but don’t want it to feel sticky as sometimes happens with plastic mouse surfaces – the bumpy texture gives a bit of extra friction, so mouse movements feel smoother.


Leather mouse pads generally have the same textured surface as polyester mouse mats, but leather is more durable and feels nicer to touch thanks to being a natural material (albeit treated). It’s also kinder on your mouse feet. Leatherette mouse pads are cheaper substitutes which offer similar features, but it may wear out more quickly with heavy use if you move your mouse around a lot.


Woven fabric mouse surfaces are very soft and smooth, so they glide easily across most surfaces without sticking, making them excellent for gamers who prefer speed over control. The mouse moves very smoothly across the mouse pad.

Mouse Pad Benefits for Casual Users

Most mouse pads are designed with gamers in mind, but casual users can also benefit from using mouse pads.

For example, if you have a mouse with a laser sensor, the mouse pad’s non-slip surface reduces the risk of your mouse slipping. Also, even some optical mouse sensors may not respond as well to a shiny or glassy surface, so you might get slightly less accurate results than you would on a mouse mat.

It is possible that you’ll get very slight improvements in performance as well if you use one of these surfaces. Casual gamers might notice an improvement too – mouse control and movement will be more precise, which can help when controlling your player precisely during games where it matters (such as FPS games).

Mouse Pad Benefits for Gamers

Gaming mouse pads are designed especially for gamers and so they offer features that casual mouse pads don’t have. For example, mouse mats specifically created for gaming incorporate advanced technology that works well with laser sensors or optical sensors mouse and special high-performance surfaces, which gives the fastest mouse movements and highest tracking accuracy.

Some mouse mats also come with accessories – some will even glow in the dark (like Razer’s mouse mats). Many of them also incorporate ergonomic designs to support your wrist while you’re playing games.

There is no reason why a non-gaming mouse pad cannot be used to play computer games, however, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your sensor–like using an old piece of cardboard may do because it won’t absorb any vibrations from clicks or movement.

How much difference it makes

How much difference it makes to your mouse’s performance depends on the mouse pad itself. Some mouse mats won’t make a significant difference to mouse movement, whereas others could give you slightly more accurate mouse control and smoother mouse movements (especially if you have an optical mouse).

The texture of the mouse mat can influence how quickly and accurately your mouse tracks across it, so this is something that might be important to some gamers.

Most gaming mouse pads are textured for this reason, but this affects their ease of use too–smooth surfaces are generally easier to move around and less likely to slow down your mouse movements.

However, it all comes down to personal preference, as some people prefer a rougher surface over a smoother one.

Woven fabric or leatherette mouse pads offer a similar mouse movement experience to textured mouse mats–they are all made with special materials that give a non-slip surface. This means that the mouse will move smoothly along it without slowing down or sticking.

These mouse pads also offer great durability and comfort because they are typically thicker than standard mouse pads which makes them better at absorbing vibrations from your mouse, so you don’t need to worry about buying new mouse pads often like you do with cheaper alternatives.

There are also very thin fabric (even paper) mouse pads available, but these tend not to be as durable as other types and might wear out more quickly after heavy use. You may also find it harder to control your mouse movements with such a thin material.

Difference between a good mouse pad and a bad mouse pad

The mouse pad you use is a matter of personal preference, however it’s important not to underestimate how much difference a good mouse pad can make. In fact, a mouse pad might even improve your gaming performance by up to 20% on average!

This isn’t just about comfort or looks either–great mouse pads are designed to optimize the surface that they’re used on so that your mouse will move as smoothly and accurately along it as possible.

If you’re sick of your mouse moving erratically or having trouble controlling it, then investing in a mouse pad might improve your overall gaming experience.

You should also keep in mind that the mouse pad is also going to have an effect on how comfortable you are while playing – this can be especially important if you play games for several hours at a time!

Good mouse mats come with different surfaces too, so it’s worth trying out a few different kinds before making up your mind about what kind works best for you.

Better mouse pads that have been designed to offer the best mouse movement experience possible by optimizing the mouse pad surface so that your mouse moves more smoothly. They’re generally made out of high-quality materials like leatherette or woven fabric, which gives them a great non-slip coating.

These types of mouse pads are usually thicker than other mouse pads too because they need to absorb any vibrations from your mouse – this way you won’t have to worry about buying new mouse pads often as these types can be pretty durable.

Cheaper alternatives such as plain fabric or even paper mouse pads are available, but they don’t provide the same level of performance and comfort as a really good gaming mouse mat will. You might also find mouse control a bit harder with mouse pads that aren’t as high-quality.

Some mouse pads also come with built-in wrist rests for extra comfort–you may not need these at all, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking at mouse mats with more accessories.

Mouse pads vs desks

An aspect that many new gamers overlook is their mouse’s movement speed on their mouse pad or mouse surface. Some mouse surfaces provide a smooth gliding experience, while others are made out of rougher fabric which can cause the mouse to speed up in random directions while you’re using it.

The mouse speed will be determined by the material used to make the mouse pad as well as your personal preferences – some gamers prefer rougher mouse pads because they allow them to move the mouse faster and more accurately than other types.

Other players prefer fabrics for a smoother feel but slower movement speed. Understanding this difference is particularly important for FPS gamers (first-person shooters), where every split second counts towards winning or losing a game!

Does an expensive mouse pad make a difference?

In a way, mouse pads are kind of like buying groceries–it’s all about budget and finding what works best for you.

Better surface quality

You can get mouse pads that cost less than $5 (or even less than $2) which will do the job just fine, but if you’re looking to invest in mouse pads, then you’ll find that more expensive models provide better quality surfaces which are more comfortable as well as offering better mouse movement performance.

Better design

Of course, higher-quality mouse pads also tend to have fancier designs which gamers might appreciate while they play – this is really a matter of personal preference though and not something that should impact your decision on what mouse pad to buy.

Wrist rests

Some mouse pads even have built-in wrist rests for extra comfort during longer gaming sessions – while it’s not necessary, mouse pads with these rest can be a good choice if you play games for several hours at a time.

What mouse mat should I use?

It might seem like all mouse pads perform the same function, but there are lots of different characteristics to consider instead. Mouse mats come in different sizes and they also vary according to their material, which usually has an impact on how smooth they feel under your mouse. Some mouse pads also have great accessories such as wrist rests or non-slip coatings that can improve their overall performance.

Your own personal preferences will also determine what kind of mouse pad is best suited for you – some mouse pads are made out of rough fabrics, for example, while others have a smoother fabric surface which might feel better under your mouse. Some mouse pads also have built-in wrist rests which can make them more comfortable to use for long gaming sessions (although this isn’t necessary).

With all these differences, it’s pretty easy to see that there isn’t one type of mouse pad that’s best – instead, you should choose the mouse pad that offers the best performance and overall features based on your own personal preferences.

Consider size

You can get mouse mats in different sizes so they just need to be able to fit on your desk–you don’t really want a huge mouse pad spilling over onto other parts of the table! Make sure you take measurements of your current mouse surface so that you pick a mouse pad which has roughly the same dimensions.

A mouse mat that’s too small will feel very awkward when you use your mouse on it, and one which is too large might not fit on your desk at all!

Finding the perfect sized mouse pad for your setup should be pretty easy if you take some measurements before making a purchase – just make sure to take note of its size so that you can find an exact replacement if necessary.

Consider how it feels in your hand

When selecting a mouse pad material, another factor to consider is how comfortable the mouse mat feels under your hand–some mouse pads are made out of rough fabrics while others have a smoother fabric surface. The smoothness of the mouse pad isn’t too important as some mouse pads will offer a rougher surface while others are smoother–another factor to consider his mouse movement speed, which might be different depending on the mouse pad material.

A mouse pad with a rough fabric surface might feel very uncomfortable under your hand if you prefer using a mouse pad where the fabric feels smooth.

The mouse mat’s material also has an impact on mouse movement speed – whereas mouse pads made out of rough fabrics are typically slower than those that have smooth fabric bottoms, mouse pads made out of softer materials tend to move more slowly when you use your mouse across them (if they don’t have special coating).

Check out reviews

When you’re selecting a new mouse pad, it’s always good to try to find reviews from other mouse pad users so that you can get a better idea of what mouse mat is right for you. If possible, it’s good to try out a mouse pad before making the purchase, as this will ensure that you pick one which feels comfortable and allows your mouse to move around smoothly across its surface.

Is it worth buying an expensive mouse pad?

There are mouse pads that cost several tens of dollars–this is really a matter of personal preference, as some mouse pads offer better overall performance than others. Some mouse pads have a rougher fabric surface while others have a smoother fabric bottom.

For most people, mouse pads with rough surfaces will be inferior to those which have rougher fabric, but they might feel more comfortable under your hand if you prefer soft mouse pad surfaces (this doesn’t mean they’re more durable or reliable).

On the other hand, mouse pads made out of soft materials typically offer less control due to their slower movement speed, so these should probably only be used by gamers who don’t rely on fast mouse movements when playing games.

Whether you buy an expensive mouse pad or not, it’s still a good idea to take mouse pad measurements so that you can get an exact replacement mouse mat if necessary. It’s also worth seeing what mouse pad reviews there are out there before making the purchase, as this will help you pick a mouse pad which has approximately the same dimensions and offers the features and performance you want.

Remember, mouse pads don’t improve your gaming skills, but they can make playing games easier by ensuring that your mouse moves smoothly across its surface without any annoying friction or jittering of the mouse cursor.

So whether you choose a cheap or expensive mouse pad, always keep in mind that you should try to buy one with roughly the same dimensions as your current mouse mat so that you can have the same mouse pad dimensions even if you later want to replace it.

Do mouse pads impact mouse movement speed?

In a way, yes, they do. As mentioned, it’s all about the surface of your mouse pad that mouse movements will have to pass over. Having a mouse pad with rough fabric under the mouse pad surface means that mouse movements will be slower compared to one with fabric, which is smoother or rougher on a different mouse pad.

You should also note the measurement because mouse mat measures are very important in terms of mouse movement speed–the wider the mouse pad surface and the smoother its fabric, then the faster your mouse cursor will move when using it.

So, if you have a mouse pad with perfect sized dimensions, then mouse movements should feel as fast as possible even if they’re happening over rougher mouse pad fabric.


In summary, higher quality mouse mats often have smoother surfaces, while cheaper models tend to use rougher mouse pad material. Generally mouse pads that have smoother mouse pad surfaces are better for gamers who need slower mouse movements, but if you’re considering buying a mouse pad, then mouse pad reviews are always the best way to find out what other people think about them and whether your preferred model will deliver on its claims.