4 Ways How To Flatten A Mouse Pad

Many of us use a mouse on a flat surface, such as a mouse mat or other flat surface.

Over time, our mouse mats can become bent due to heavy usage and it can make using our mouse uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve and learn how to flatten your mouse mat so you can continue using it.

Use Iron to flatten it

One way to flatten mouse pad is to iron it. Put your mouse mat on an ironing board and turn the iron on. Set it at a medium heat setting in case there are any special instructions for the mouse mat you’re trying to flatten.

Put a piece of cloth over top of the mouse mat so that you don’t damage it with the hot bottom plate of the iron. Then just smooth out any bumps or furrows in your mouse mat by going over them repeatedly until they are flattened out.

Roll mouse pad in opposite way

Another way to flatten mouse pad is put your mouse mat in a plastic bag, this will prevent it from getting wet and wrinkled. Then roll your mouse mat up the opposite way that it was originally rolled. This will cause some of the mouse mat fibers to shift around and make it more uniform.

You can carefully unroll your mouse mat after you’ve done rolling it up the other way and smooth out any bumps or furrows with your hands so they are flat again.

Put gentle pressure on

You can also use a heavy book to flatten mouse pad. Put your mouse mat on top of the book and then press down on any bumps or furrows in your mouse mat until they are flattened out.

This should work for a few days. You may need to put some more weight onto your mouse mat if it is still bumpy after doing this once.

Hair Dryer

Another way to flatten mouse mat is with a hair dryer. Put your mouse mat in front of the fan and then lightly blow hot air on it with your hair dryer until it becomes flat again. You will want to turn the setting on your hair dryer onto cool instead of hot when you are doing this because not only can heat damage some mouse mats, but it can also cause them to shrink or ripple over time.

How to flatten RGB Mouse pad

You can’t do the above because the RGB mouse pad won’t stand up to the pressure or heat if you aren’t careful. 

Don’t worry; I’ll provide the answer.

The majority of RGB mouse pads are thick and unbending. Only a handful of them have the ability to be bent and rolled. 

To flatten your RGB Mouse pad, follow these steps:

  • Cover your Mouse pad with a thick cloth and place it on a flat surface. Caution: Do not use anything with a GSM of less than 500.
  • Preheat your iron to a medium setting. And Begin ironing the Mousepad when it has been covered. Always begin ironing at the corner and work your way to the middle of the Mousepad.
  • Repeat the procedure two or three times more.

Always remember not to allow your Iron come into direct touch with the Mouse pad when utilizing this method.

Even while this strategy is advantageous and allows you to remain hassle-free for a long time, RGB should be approached with caution.

If you don’t want to utilize heat, roll it in the opposite direction. But keep in mind that if you want to flatten your Mouse pad, you’ll have to employ this procedure frequently.


Can I iron my mouse pad?

Very few mouse pads are made with the type of material that can get damaged with heat. Most mouse mats can be ironed, but you will want to check the instructions above before doing so.

Some mouse mats are not made with flax and may shrink when being ironed. Check instructions on mouse mat before following this way of flattening mouse pad.

Why should you flatten mouse pad?

If your mouse mat is no longer flat, this can cause the mouse to scuff along the surface when you are trying to use it. This will make using your mouse uncomfortable and put a strain on your hand and wrist if you use it for extended periods of time, which is not good for either one.

How to reduce bumps on the mouse pad?

If your mouse mat is bumpy or has furrows in it, this can make it difficult to use as well. Rather than buying a new mouse pad every time yours gets ruined, learn how to flatten mouse pad so your mouse mat can be used again instead of thrown away.

Do mouse pads wear out?

Mouse pads, mouse mats and wrist rests are all changing products that you may need to replace from time to time. Some mouse mats can last for years with heavy use, others will wear out after a few weeks or months of use.

How can I tell if mouse pad is worn out?

If your mouse pad has worn out, this will become very apparent when you try to use it. The mouse will move around erratically and not slide across the mouse mat smoothly and comfortably, like it should. If these problems start happening with your mouse mat, learn how to flatten mouse pad to make it usable again instead of buying a new mouse mat every time your mouse pad wears out.