What Is The Best Mouse Pad Material? For Gamers And Casual Users

A question frequently asked by those who are playing games and those planning to make their own DIY mouse pad is what type of material is best for mouse pads. 

In this article, we are going to know which are the best mouse pad materials you can use for your gaming or for your DIY project. 

Types of Mouse pad 

A mouse pad is an essential element for playing computer games, such as Minecraft and Counter-Strike with a gaming mouse. There are two types of mouse pads which are called hard mouse pads and soft mouse pads.

These two types of mouse pads have their own disadvantages and advantages.

As we will discuss, the two types of mouse pads provide their own unique experience.

Hard Mouse pads 

Hard mouse pads are literally just that, a hard flat surface with no give. This provides for high-precision tracking comparable to that of the most demanding professional desktop gaming setups. The general idea of a hard mouse pad is that the mouse will always know precisely where it is in relation to the desktop surface.

Here are some of the common materials used for Hard mouse pads: 

Aluminum Mouse pads 

An aluminum mouse pad is a good choice for any computer user looking to upgrade the performance of their desktop.  

Aluminum mouse pads are usually constructed from three panels of 0.06″ thick aluminum, and offer a smooth, flat surface for the mouse that reduces friction with movement, improving overall tracking.  

Though sturdy in construction, an aluminum mouse pad is also exceptionally lightweight, and will not skid around on the desk during use. 

Plastic Mouse pads

A plastic mouse pad is an improvement of the regular mouse pad.

Instead of using a sheet of non-slip slippery plastic, they place a thin layer of clear adhesive on a sheet of clear plastic. Then the reverse side has a thin layer of non-slip rubber material that works well as an anti-skid / as antislip material for the mouse.

The combination works well together to keep the mouse slide across, so users don’t have their mouse slide around all over their desk or table when moving it over to certain points.

Resin hard surface Mouse pads

Mice work much more efficiently on a hard surface rather than a fabric-covered pad, and the Resin hard surface Mouse pads are the best choice. The Resin pads have a low friction coefficient and an extremely smooth and flat surface that glides with ease.

Benefits of Hard mouse pads 

Hard mouse pads do not have quite the same softness as a cloth mouse pad.

Many gamers prefer to use hard pads because they give them better control over their accuracy. Friction lessens, which leads to greater precision and easier access to making short work of complex digital moves in a game.

The material is also known to reduce wrist fatigue and eliminate slippage. Because they’re hard, your mouse cannot sink into the plush material of a standard mouse pad, which causes it to be lifted away from the mouse’s optical sensor. This can cause lurching and sudden stops and starts when moving your mouse across the pad while using an optical computer mouse.

One thing to bear in mind is that these pads do not very effectively absorb warmth, particularly if they are composed of metal.

Your chilly surface could not make your hands and hands comfy when you grab the mouse and move it around. You are also less portable than your colleagues.

They’re too rigid to roll up and flip into a corner. So, if you don’t have a specialist game travel case, they may be unpleasant. 

Soft Mouse pad 

If you want something softer but still durable enough to withstand heavy usage, then consider getting yourself some Soft Mouse pads. These are made out of high quality soft cloth and come in various sizes depending upon how big your desk is.

These are great for people who like to play video games online or watch movies on their computers. It provides comfort and support for your wrists and arms.

They are typically made of cloth and fabric, on the other hand. They do not have the smoothness of their hard partner, therefore when you move the mouse you will feel more friction. 

Lycra Cloth

Lycra is a synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. Lycra is known as the “Spandex” fiber,and it belongs to the Polyester family. Lycra is quite strong and soft with its elastic property that makes it an ideal clothing cloth. It forms naturally low-bulk materials that have excellent stretch ability.

This beautiful and multifunctional mouse pad material has all you could desire for a class item. The smooth Lycra fabric provides a friction-proof mouse surface that is easy to glide over. 


The “genuine leather” is a material that comes from the skin of an animal. It is the softest and most pleasant surface of an item you will touch, along with its delicate texture. Leather mouse pads are used by many gamers because they provide a comfortable and warm feel, as well as the best grip.

The good thing about leather mouse pads is that they are also durable, and they can be used for a long time. 

Cork Mouse pad

Cork Mouse pad are used by many gamers as they provide a strong grip and very precise tracking capabilities. The surface of the Cork is sensitive, so you will not feel it on your table, and the material is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Cork Mouse pad is soft and gentle on your mouse.

Rubber Composites

A rubber composite is a combination of two different types of rubbers. Rubber composites are usually used for making mouse pads due to their durability and resistance against wear and tear.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabrics are commonly found in clothes, bed sheets, towels, etc. This kind of fabric is extremely resistant to water and stains. Therefore, it is perfect for creating a mouse pad.

It does not get dirty easily and is highly breathable. However, it is not recommended for gaming mice, since it tends to accumulate dust particles.

Benefits of Using Soft Mouse Pads 

Soft mouse pads are great for people who use a lot of computer equipment because they can glide your mouse around safely. Not only do they provide comfort and good hand support, but a soft surface to allow you to type and move your mouse smoothly with ease.

Soft mouse pad is for people who want a thin, comfortable, stylish mat to use with their computer mouse. Soft mouse pads They are perfect if you like to take your mouse pad with you wherever you go. A soft mouse pad can be cleaned easily using soap and water or rubbing alcohol.

What is the most comfortable mouse pad material for daily use? 

Soft mouse pads are usually ideal for roller ball mouse, while firm mouse pads for optical mice are suggested. Soft mouse pads are usually composed of neoprene or any other rubber substance with a tied surface of the cloth. This provides a cool, non-slip surface that is economical, pleasant and efficient. Most hard mouse pads are constructed from hard plastic or metal with a slippery backrest. They provide smooth, accurate movement of optical mouse and are excellent for playing. 

Ergonomic mouse pads, like a similar kind of keyboards, assist in enhancing the posture of the hand and wrist for better user comfort. They have a cushioned coil to keep the wrist high, reduce the strain of the user and prevent friction between the handle and the desk. Many people enjoy the increased comfort, but others are uncomfortable with the elevated wrist pad. 

What is the best mouse pad material for gaming? 

For better accuracy, hard mouse pads are better. The best mouse pad material for gaming mouse should have a sturdy surface that can support a great load, as well as provide consistent performance when used. The best mouse pad for gaming mouse should be a hard surface pad, because it is very smooth, has the least friction, and provides great support.

Where you can buy mouse pad materials for your DIY projects? 

So you’ve fallen in love with your new mouse. And now you want to customize it! But you are wondering, “where can I buy the best mouse pad material so I can make my own mouse pad?

Well, there are plenty of places where you can purchase this type of product. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Here we go…

Amazon – Amazon sells various types of mouse pads, including those made out of different kinds of materials such as plastic, foam, cloth, wood, metal, glass, silicone,. They even sell custom mouse pads if you don’t like their standard ones.

eBay – eBay offers a wide variety of products, ranging from electronics to home decor items. If you search online, you will see many sellers offering mouse pads at affordable prices.

Craigslist – Craigslist is one of the largest classifieds websites in the world. There are thousands of listings available every day. So if you are searching for something specific, then Craigslist might be an option worth considering.

Etsy – Etsy is another popular website selling handmade goods. Many people prefer buying things directly from local artisans rather than going through big retailers. That being said, they do offer some nice options for mouse pads.