Gaming Mouse Pad (Hard vs Soft)

Have you ever played a game on the computer and felt like your mouse was sticking to the surface?

Maybe it even slowed down your gameplay. Well, that’s not because of anything wrong with the mouse or desktop – it’s just because you don’t have a gaming pad! A lot of gamers swear by these accessories for their PC experience. 

Whether they are playing games, browsing Facebook, or watching Netflix, most would agree it is much better to have one of these than not at all! 

The question is: what type do I need? There are two types: soft and hard.

The choice will depend on how fast-paced your game play is as well as personal preference.

For those who want to be able to glide their mouse from edge to edge quickly, a hard mouse pad will do best. Those who do not need speed but prefer smooth, even gliding should choose a soft mouse pad instead.

This article provides more information on each type to help you make the right choice when buying a mouse pad for PC gaming.

Soft mouse pad vs Hard mouse pad

Soft mouse pads offer gamers with newer or cheaper mice and laptops an easy way to upgrade their experience in the same way that gamers with high-end equipment will benefit from using a mouse pad made of harder material.

In fact, these two types of mouse pads are designed for different functions, so it’s vital that everybody understand what they’re trying to achieve before making a purchase decision.

A soft mouse pad is much easier to clean than a mouse pad that is made of harder material. Cleaning a mouse pad for hard mouse pads often requires the use of water.

This can lead to rust or corrosion if it’s on an expensive mouse, and even if it’s not, you don’t want watermarks all over your desktop where they’ll be visible when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite video game!

The main concern with buying a mouse pad made of softer material is that the mouse won’t work as well on it.

Mouse pads for games ideally need to offer enough resistance to allow the mouse to move between points A and B without getting stuck on its way. If there isn’t enough friction between the mouse and surface, your movement may become unpredictable – meaning the difference between a tight race and a character who is always getting lost!

A mouse pad made of hard material will be able to provide more friction, helping you perform better in games. This option offers gamers with high-end equipment the opportunity to play at their best possible level of performance without any mouse hindrances that cheap mouse pads can cause.

As a result of this property, this type is generally more expensive than soft mouse pads. The mouse may not work as well on it as it does on a soft mouse pad, but for those serious about their gaming, this won’t be an issue. In fact, many gamers prefer using different types of mouse pads depending on what game they are playing or whether they need faster movement capabilities out of their mouse.

Do mouse pads make a difference in gaming?

Whether mouse pads are worth, the investment is something that’s up for debate.

For some, mouse pads are seen as a luxury item rather than an essential part of their gaming setup.

Others believe they give them a tangible advantage over their competitors and help them perform better in games. It’s down to personal preference and what you think will make your experience with PC gaming better!

Sometimes mouse pads can be hit and miss in terms of delivering on their promise to improve your gameplay, like when it comes to playing games like League of Legends or Minecraft, where there isn’t much movement required from the mouse at all times. The small pad area also makes it difficult for gamers using low-DPI mice to take full advantage of mouse pads designed to help them.

Mouse pads come in many shapes and sizes.

Large mouse pads can help to give gamers more mouse space, especially useful for those who are playing with low DPI settings on their mice. Mouse pads that are smaller can be beneficial for keeping electronics or drinks off of the mouse pad while you’re playing games, but it’s important not to make this your main concern when buying one.

As long as there is enough room on the mouse pad for both the mouse and keyboard, this should be fine. If you want a mouse pad that offers even more protection for your laptop or desktop computer, remember that both hard mouse pads and soft mouse pads can also double up as surfaces to put your laptop on!

Final words

Soft mouse pad vs Hard mouse pad mouse pads are designed for different playing styles, so if you think they’ll help you get better at your favorite games, there’s no harm in trying one out!

Just make sure it has the right surface area and offers enough resistance to let your mouse do its job properly. After all, nobody wants to win a game because of bad equipment!