12 Common Questions About Laptop Stands

Laptop stands are a great way to make your laptop much more comfortable and ergonomic. However, there are probably a few key questions you have in mind that you’re dying to ask.

Here’s a look at the most common ones:

Do laptop cooling stands work?

Laptop cooling stands are great for keeping your laptop cool. They provide better air circulation under your laptop where most of the processing circuitry are placed. However, not all laptop cooling are the same. You have to make sure the quality and the design of the stand is great to ensure its effectiveness.

What’s the purpose of a laptop stand?

The purpose of a laptop stand is to allow your laptop to be placed in an ergonomic position where the display is facing forward. Cooling stands don’t just work to cool your laptop, they help it sit more comfortably and ergonomically, which is why some laptops come with a cooling pad included with them.

Are laptop stand necessary?

No, you don’t need a cooling stand to use a laptop; however, you can get an extra layer of cooling if you want. Plus, having a stand to place your laptop on can make you more comfortable.

With most laptop brands, you will find that the hottest parts are at the bottom of the case. Usually there is a fan that cools the CPU, GPU, and other hardware components located under the hood but they may or may not be enough depending on your usage.

Heavy usage of your laptop (such as video editing or gaming) will cause it to produce more heat, so you definitely need a laptop stand in that case.

If you need to cool down your laptop more, you can add an extra fan to the laptop using a cooling pad and heat sink.

How does laptop stand work?

The laptop stand should be connected to your laptop’s power cable and also to the cooling pad for extra cooling effect. Laptops often get hot, especially if you use it for playing or working. They will also provide a more comfortable position for you to work.

For more comfort and convenience, you should go for a laptop stand. With a laptop stand, you will no longer need to buy a separate mouse pad or keyboard.

The main function of a laptop stand is to give your computer’s case additional airflow to keep it cooler, especially if you are using a laptop with a heavy-duty CPU or GPU like a laptop with an AMD series chip as they are commonly known to be hotter than Intel chips.

Are laptop stands ergonomic?

Generally, laptop stands are designed to be ergonomic. However, it is important to note that the ergonomics of laptop stands vary greatly depending on the design of the stand.

For example, a laptop stand can be easy or awkward depending on how well it fits your laptop size. If you bought a laptop that is not on the list of recommendations, then it will take extra efforts to adjust the laptop stand height or desk angle.

Are laptop stands good for posture?

Laptop stands are good for posture. A laptop stand is a great solution if you want to minimize the effects of bad posture on your back, neck and shoulders.

However, you also need to consider the chair you use. If it’s uncomfortable, then it might cancel out the benefits of laptop stands on your posture.

How high should a laptop stand be?

For maximum viewing comfort, your laptop screen should be at your eye level when you’re sitting (or standing) up straight. So you should match the height of the laptop stand to match that position.

I can’t say the exact height, as everyone has a different setup. Your desk might be taller than mine or your laptop may be bigger. So it’s a case to case scenario.

Are laptop stands bad for laptop?

I don’t have any bad experiences in using laptop stands on my laptop, but I think laptop stands are usually pretty good at keeping laptops safe.

They raise them up to an ergonomic height, they usually have soft-ish pads on them (or at least a raised surface) which means your laptop won’t get squished/bruised, and it also means that the weight of your laptop is going to be supported by a stable base, rather than just relying on gravity (which isn’t always a very reliable way of supporting heavy things).

Are laptop stands good for wrists?

Laptop stands does not pose a concern for your wrist, as it really depends on the kind of laptop stand you have. It does get your wrists in a good, neutral position, but some may find that it is awkward.

I guess if you are using a laptop stand which supports your wrists, then it’s probably not going to be bad for your wrists.

Why are laptop stands angled?

In general, the ergonomic laptops stands are actually angled in such a way that it keeps your wrists in a neutral position.

It does this by ensuring that your wrist is straight when you put your hands on the desk and your wrists should be at a neutral angle as well.

It’s also angled, so it matches your eye-level for best comfort. The angle of the laptop stand is also important for avoiding back-soreness and strains.

Sometimes, using a laptop without the adjustability offered by laptop stands can cause severe strains on your lower back, which make you uncomfortable while working in an awkward position.

Does laptop cooling pads work for MacBook Pro?

Laptop cooling pads help you get rid of the heat generated by your MacBook Pro or any other laptop. They allow air to flow through the pad and this ensures that the heat from the laptop gets dispersed. Cooling pad improves the lifespan of the laptop and it helps you get more productivity out of your machine.

Does laptop cooling pads work for gaming laptop?

Yes, laptop cooling pads work well for the gaming laptops too. These pads are also helpful in reducing the effects of heat buildup on a laptop, as well as keeping your machine cooler and faster.

You should be aware, though, that it may add some fan noise to your surroundings. You’ll need to explore by just how much and if the increased fan noise is worth the tradeoff, but at least we know that temperatures will go down.


In conclusion, laptop cooling pads are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your laptop running cooler and a little quieter. They save you money from buying new fans or paying an extra power bill. Also, they’re very lightweight, small and portable, which makes them convenient to carry with you if necessary.

Just make sure to look for good quality laptop cooling pads that have a fan that pushes the air inward as opposed to outward like an electric fan.