Screenbar vs Desk Lamps: Which One Will Work Best For You

Let’s face it. Most of us spend most of our time working at the computer and staring at the monitor. This one fact makes it more important than ever to invest in an effective screen bar or desk lamp. With the wide range of desk lightings available on the market, choosing which one will work best for you may seem like a hard task.

So which option is right for you?

We’ll go ahead and answer these questions so that you can find a product that works for you and your workspace.

What Is A Screenbar?

A screenbar is an accessory that attaches directly to the back or top edge of your monitor. It illuminates dark areas on your desktop while reducing the glare of other lights. It’s a great solution to help improve the ergonomic lighting conditions of your workspace. Essentially, this is a newer version of the “desk lamp”. It’s designed to project light downward onto your desk without the need for a surface.


Screen bars are used by people who have trouble seeing their monitors due to poor lighting conditions. They also come in handy when using computers late into the night as they reduce eye strain caused from prolonged exposure to bright screens.


The benefits of having a screen bar include:

Reduces eyestrain – screen bars can reduce eyestrain by computer screens. They are also effective in preventing computer-related headaches.

Improves visibility screen bars prevent glare from other light sources which can make it harder to see. In addition, they provide excellent contrast and illumination for work, hobbies, and anything that requires better visualization.

Increases productivity – screen bars allow workers to do their work for longer periods of time because they reduce eyestrain and fatigue. This allows them to be more productive and make quality work. Also, they are able to concentrate on the task at hand without any distractions or worries about eye strain.

A popular brand of Screenbar (BenQ ScreenBar)

BenQ’s screen bar is one of the most popular brands out there, and not only that, but it’s very affordable as well.

The cleverly designed Weighted Hanging Design allows the BenQ ScreenBar to rest without obstructing your view and without adding additional weight.

This clever little device, The ScreenBar, which gets its power from a USB port, means that you can free up the three-pronged outlet for traditional lamps, if you have a monitor that can support this.

There are numerous positive reviews for the screenbar on Amazon, and they’re reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a decent screenbar at a good price, then BenQ’s is definitely the way to go.

screenbar vs desk lamps

What Is A Desk Lamp?

A desk lamp is similar to a standard overhead fluorescent bulb, except that it has been modified with a reflector to direct light downward onto a surface below. These bulbs usually sit atop tables or desks and illuminate specific parts of the room or workspace.

There are many different styles of shades available, including round, square, rectangular, and even triangular shapes. Some models feature adjustable arms, allowing users to adjust the height of the shade.


Desk lamps are useful for illuminating small spaces like your office desk. You can also use desk lamps to illuminate specific parts of the room.

Some of the benefits of having a desk lamp include:

Provides focused light– desk lamps focus light down toward a particular area so that objects within that area receive adequate illumination. For example, a desk lamp placed over a bedside will create enough light to read comfortably.

Creates an atmosphere conducive to concentration– lighting affects our moods. When we feel comfortable in a certain environment, we tend to perform better than when we don’t. Lighting also helps us relax and unwind after a long day.

Which one to choose between Screenbar vs Desk Lamps?

Desk lamps and screen bars serve a different purpose. Both are meant for similar purposes, but with their own strengths; they are different in lots of ways. However, this does not mean that one is better than the other.

All in all, it comes down to personal preference and the kind of light you want.

So in this section, I’m going to talk about my own experience and why I prefer the other.

Both of these lamps are sturdy, reliable and will give off a good amount of light to brighten up your workspace. I used to have desk lamps before when Screenbars became popular. While they worked fine and did exactly what they were meant to do, desk lamps can get in the way and take up a considerable amount of space. If you have a spacious desk, then desk lamps wouldn’t be a problem for you, but I bet the majority of us don’t.

This is where my Screenbars comes in. They are very slim and you will just have to mount them on top of your monitor, freeing up a lot of valuable space on your desk.

Monitor light bars are super slim and won’t even notice them when they are mounted on top of your monitors. They will give you a lot of space to work with on your desk.

The first thing I noticed about Screenbar is the way it illuminates my desk. It’s made of tiny LEDs that are evenly distributed on my desk. They don’t produce the annoying glare you often get from built-in lights on most computer desks.

In my opinion, Screenbars are the perfect desk lamp to have. They provide the best lighting for your work area and they cost as much as the same as desk lamps too!

The way screenbars project light a lot is very relaxing in the eye, making it the perfect tool for reading, watching a video or even coding.

If you want to avoid glare on your screen, choose a screenbar or monitor light bar

The most common thing people think when it comes to screens is that a glare on the screen is going to be inevitable. From TVs, computer screens, tablets, and other devices, it can be tough to get rid of glare completely. Screenbars are designed not to cause any glare on your monitor screen.

For more reach and better illumination, then a desk lamp may be a better option.

If you are looking for a versatile lamp to do double duty, desk lamps may be a better option. Whether you need the added reach, or just need a little more light, a desk lamp will do the trick. Desk lamps also offer more flexibility than a screenbar in terms of illumination options.

Why desk lighting is important?

Most of us spend on average around 4-10 hours a day working on a computer. If you’re a programmer, as many people in my country are, this means that spending all this time at a desk can be very exhausting.

If you’re working on a computer at night, you’ll see that your brain won’t get enough rest and the light in your room can have an effect on this.

As you’re working late, your eyes will be less sensitive to light, meaning that it’s harder for you to see what you’re doing on your screen. Desk lighting will help reduce the eye strain and counter the light the monitor produces straight to our face.

Long story short, desk lamps have many benefits for us such us reduced eye strain, less tired after work, helping you focus better on your task in dim light conditions.

Desk lamps also very good for people who stay up late at night. If you love to work in dim light conditions, then you need desk lighting to do your daily work.

A desk lighting is like your assistant who works along with you. With this lighting source, you can easily read the documents or text on the screen even in dark. That’s why it has become an important part of the working desks at office.

Things to look for when buying a desk lighting

There are many things you should pay attention to when buying a desk lamp. Desk lighting is often one of the first components you need to pay attention and start using if you want your computer or laptop to become a working instrument.

Of course, the budget price for you is also a lot of weight in your purchase decision.

Here are some of the other things you have to know when purchasing a lighting for your desks.

  • The size matters. You should buy one which fits perfectly into your desk. Also, make sure that the desk light will not block out other parts of your desk.
  • Buy a desk lamp with adjustable brightness control. Most desk lamps come with only two settings; bright and low. But some desk lamps offer more options so that you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.
  • Avoid purchasing cheap desk lamps. Cheap desk lamps may seem attractive, but they usually lack quality features. They tend to produce poor-quality light and their bulbs often burn out quickly.
  • Consider the color of the lights. Color plays a big role in determining the mood of the place where we sit. Dark colors create a cozy atmosphere, whereas white creates a clean environment.
  • Desk lamps have different shapes and sizes. There’s no single type of desk lamp which suits all types of workplaces. Therefore, consider the design of the workspace you have before deciding on a particular model.
  • Always keep in mind that desk lamps aren’t meant to replace regular lighting fixtures. Instead, they’re used to supplement them.

The final decision

In conclusion, there are many factors to take into consideration when buying a desk lighting, be it a desk lamp or screen bar or monitor light bar. However, once you’ve made up your mind about what kind of desk lamp you need, then you’ll be able to choose from various models.

So don’t hesitate! Just pick one that matches your style and personality. And remember: A good choice doesn’t always mean spending lots of money. It just means finding something that meets your requirements.